IEEE Big Data 2020 Call for Workshop Papers and Posters

2020 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (IEEE BigData 2020)
December 10-13, 2020, Now Taking Place Virtually

The IEEE Big Data 2020 has received more than 610 full papers in the main conference and industry and government program. If you miss the submission deadline, there are still chances for you to submit your research work to the IEEE Big Data 2020 workshops and Posters. The workshop papers and posters are published in the conference proceedings. (EI indexed)

(1) 44 Workshops (Most of the workshop paper submission deadlines are middle or late October)

1. International Workshop on Big Data Analytics for Cyber Threat Hunting (CyberHunt 2020)

2. Computational Archival Science: digital records in the age of big data

3. Scalable Cloud Data Management

4. 6th International Workshop to Improve Big Data Science Project Team Processes

5. The 3rd International Workshop on “Big Data Engineering and Analytics in Cyber-Physical Systems” (BigEACPS)

6. The Fourth Annual Workshop on Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Industry

7. The 5th Workshop on Real-time Stream Analytics, Stream Mining, CER/CEP & Stream Data Management in Big Data

8. The 4th International Workshop on Big Data Analytic for Cybercrime Investigation and Prevention

9. Workshop on Smart Farming, Precision Agriculture, and Supply Chain (SmartFarm-2020)

10. Applications of Big Data Technology in the Transport Industry

11. 3rd Workshop on Energy-Efficient Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics

12. The 4th Workshop on Graph Techniques for Adversarial Activity Analytics

13. 8th International Workshop on Distributed Storage and Blockchain Technologies for Big Data

14. 3rd Workshop on Big Data for CyberSecurity (BigCyber-2020)

15. International Workshop on Big Data Reduction

16. Analysis of Large-scale Disparate Data

17. The 4th Workshop on Benchmarking, Performance Tuning and Optimization for Big Data Applications (BPOD)

18. The 2nd International Workshop on Big Data Tools, Methods, and Use Cases for Innovative Scientific Discovery (BTSD)

19. Seventh International Workshop on High Performance Big Graph Data Management, Analysis, and Mining (BigGraphs 2020)

20. The fourth workshop on Human-in-the-loop Methods and Human-Machine Collaboration in BigData

21. The 5th IEEE International Workshop on Big Spatial Data (BSD 2020)

22. User Understanding for Big Data

23. IEEE Big Data Workshop on Data Science for Smart and Connected Communities

24. The 7th Workshop on Performance Engineering with Advances in Software and Hardware for Big Data Sciences (PEASH)

25. The 3rd International Workshop on Big Media Dataset Construction, Management and Applications

26. Workshop on IoT based Big Data Architectures and Applications

27. DASH 2020: International Workshop on Data Analytics for Smart Health

28. Third International Workshop on the Internet of Things Data Analytics (IoTDA)

29. Big Food and Nutrition Data Management and Analysis (BFNDMA 2020)

30. Advances in High Dimensional (AdHD) Big Data

31. International Workshop on Fair and Interpretable Learning Algorithms (FILA 2020)

32. First International Workshop on Blockchain Technology For Bigdata Analytics and Applications

33. 2020 Workshop on Data Science in Medicine and Healthcare

34. 4th International Workshop on Big Data Analytics for Cyber Intelligence and Defense (BDA4CID 2020)

35. 2nd IEEE Workshop on Machine Learning for Big Data Analytics in Remote Sensing

36. 7th International Workshop on Privacy and Security of Big Data (PSBD 2020)

37. Second Workshop on Big Data Predictive Maintenance Using Artificial Intelligence (BDPM-AI)

38. The 6th International Workshop on Solar & Stellar Astronomy Big Data (SABiD)

39. Big Data Analytic Technology for Bioinformatics and Health Informatics (KDDBHI)

40. Discriminative Pattern Mining Workshop

41. Workshop on Deviant Activities on Social Media

42. BVD 2020: International Workshop on Big Video Data

43. The 4th IEEE International Workshop on Big Data for Financial News and Data

44. First International Workshop on the Efficiency of Modern Data Centers (EMDC)

45. 2020 Innovation Workshop on Transforming Big Data into Actionable Knowledge (BiDAW)

(2) Poster (Submission deadline: Nov 10, 2020)

Poster abstracts are limited to one page, the format and style are flexible. Posters will be reviewed on the basis of their relevance to the scope of the conference and on the scientific quality of the work presented. Each poster paper will be published with maximum up to 3-page limit in the poster/workshop proceedings (EI indexed). (format instruction for publication will be included with the poster acceptance notification)

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