IEEE Big Data 2019 Accepted Papers

Regular Papers

Paper IDRegular Papers
BigD226Ahmed Lasisi, Antonio Merheb, Allan Zarembski, and Nii Attoh-Okine, Rail Track Quality and T-Stochastic Neighbor Embedding for Hybrid Track Index
BigD244Ronald Barber, Christian Garcia-Arellano, Ronen Grosman, Guy Lohman, C. Mohan, Rene Muller, Hamid Pirahesh, Vijayshankar Raman, Richard Sidle, Adam Storm, Yuanyuan Tian, Pinar Tozun, and Yingjun Wu, WiSer: A Highly Available HTAP DBMS for IoT Applications
BigD262Hankui Peng and Nicos Pavlidis, Subspace Clustering with Active Learning
BigD266Zhiwei Liu, Lei Zheng, Jiawei Zhang, Jiayu Han, and Philip S. Yu, JSCN: Joint Spectral Convolutional Network for Cross Domain Recommendation
BigD271Wei Xiao, Novel Online Algorithms for Nonparametric Correlations with Application to Analyze Sensor Data
BigD274Dalong Zhang, Xianzheng Song, Ziqi Liu, Zhiqiang Zhang, Xin Huang, Lin Wang, and Jun Zhou, DSSLP: A distributed framework for semi-supervised link prediction
BigD277Si Zhang, Hanghang Tong, Jiejun Xu, Yifan Hu, and Ross Maciejewski, Origin: Non-Rigid Network Alignment
BigD280FNU Hairi, Hanghang Tong, and Lei Ying, NetDyna: Mining Networked Coevolving Time Series with Missing Values
BigD286Azim Ahmadzadeh, Maxwell Hostetter, Berkay Aydin, Manolis Georgoulis, Dustin Kempton, Sushant Mahajan, and Rafal Angryk, Challenges with Extreme Class-Imbalance and Temporal Coherence: A Study on Solar Flare Data
BigD297Evdokia Kassela, Nikodimos Provatas, Ioannis Konstantinou, Avrilia Floratou, and Nectarios Koziris, General-Purpose vs. Specialized Data Analytics Systems: A Game of ML & SQL Thrones
BigD301Sunwoo Lee, Qiao Kang, Sandeep Madireddy, Prasanna Balaprakash, Ankit Agrawal, Alok Choudhary, Richard Archibald, and Wei-keng Liao, Improving Scalability of Parallel CNN Training by Adjusting Mini-Batch Size at Run-Time
BigD302Chen Lin, Julie Ivy, and Min Chi, Multi-layer Facial Representation Learning for Early Prediction of Septic Shock
BigD303Feng Yu and Wen-Chi Hou, CS*: Approximate Query Processing on Big Data using Scalable Join Correlated Sample Synopses
BigD306Qiyao Wang, Haiyan Wang, Chetan Gupta, and Susumu Serita, Regularized Operating Envelope with Interpretability and Implementability Constraints
BigD308Yuxin Wen, Jizhou Huang, Chongli Zhu, Miao Fan, and Ying Li, Learning to Discover Curbside Parking Spaces from Vehicle Trajectories
BigD312Guangyin Jin, Qi Wang, Xia Zhao, Yanghe Feng, Qing Cheng, and Jincai Huang, Crime-GAN: A Context-based Sequence Generative Network for Crime Forecasting with Adversarial Loss
BigD316Jiahao Ding, Xinyue Zhang, Mingsong Chen, Kaiping Xue, Chi Zhang, and Miao Pan, Differentially Private Robust ADMM for Distributed Machine Learning
BigD332Ka-Ho Chow, Wenqi Wei, Yanzhao Wu, and Ling Liu, Denoising and Verification Cross-Layer Ensemble Against Black-box Adversarial Attacks
BigD338Andrew Tritt, Oliver Rübel, Benjamin Dichter, Ryan Ly, Edward Chang, Donghe Kang, Loren Frank, and Kristofer Bouchard, HDMF: Hierarchical Data Modeling Framework for Modern Science Data Standards
BigD341Sunny Dhamnani, Dhruv Singal, Ritwik Sinha, M Tharun, and Manish Dash, RAPID: Rapid and Precise Interpretable Decision Sets
BigD343Qizhong Mao, Steven Jacobs, Waleed Amjad, Vagelis Hristidis, Vassilis J. Tsotras, and Neal E. Young, Experimental Evaluation of Bounded-Depth LSM Merge Policies
BigD344Xiaoxiao Wang, Xueying Guo, Jie Chuai, Zhitang Chen, and Xin Liu, Kernel-based Multi-Task Contextual Bandits in Cellular Network Configuration
BigD345Hyunsik Jeon, Bonhun Koo, and U Kang, Data Context Adaptation for Accurate Recommendation with Additional Information
BigD349Zhiyuan Wu, Yue Wang, and Lin Zhang, MSSTN: Multi-Scale Spatial Temporal Network for Air Pollution Prediction
BigD352Ziyue Qiao, Yi Du, Yanjie Fu, Pengfei Wang, and Yuanchun Zhou, Unsupervised Author Disambiguation using Heterogeneous Graph Convolutional Network Embedding
BigD360Muhao Chen, Changping Meng, Gang Huang, and Carlo Zaniolo, Learning to Differentiate Between Main-articles and Sub-articles in Wikipedia
BigD362Lihui Liu, Boxin Du, Jiejun Xu, and Hanghang Tong, G-Finder: Approximate Attributed Subgraph Matching
BigD367Donglin Yang, Wei Rang, Dazhao Cheng, Yu Wang, Jiannan Tian, and Dingwen Tao, Elastic Executor Provisioning for Iterative Workloads on Apache Spark
BigD368Ahmed El-Kishky, Frank Xu, Aston Zhang, and Jiawei Han, Parsimonious Morpheme Segmentation with an Application to Enriching Word Embeddings
BigD369Wei Zhou, K. Preston White, and Hongfeng Yu, Eirene: Improving Short Job Latency Performance with Coordinated Cold Data Migration and Scheduler-Aware Task Cloning
BigD372Justus Hibshman, Satyaki Sikdar, and Tim Weninger, Towards Interpretable Graph Modeling with Vertex Replacement Grammars
BigD377Abbas Mazloumi, Xiaolin Jiang, and Rajiv Gupta, MultiLyra: Scalable Distributed Evaluation of Batches of Iterative Graph Queries
BigD378Huanrui Luo, Ning Yang, and Philip S. Yu, Hybrid Deep Embedding for Recommendations with Dynamic Aspect-Level Explanations
BigD380Shunsuke Kanda and Yasuo Tabei, b-Bit Sketch Trie: Scalable Similarity Search on Integer Sketches
BigD392Jian Wen, Zhongbao Zhang, Zichang Yin, Li Sun, Sen Su, and Philip S. Yu, DeepBlue: Bi-layered LSTM for tweet popUlarity Estimation
BigD403Jing Liu, Yudi Chen, Duanshun Li, Noseong Park, Kisung Lee, and Dongwon Lee, Predicting Influence Probabilities using Graph Convolutional Networks
BigD404Yufan Wang, Tingting He, Rui Fan, Wenji Zhou, and Xinhui Tu, Effective Utilization of External Knowledge and History Context in Multi-turn Spoken Language Understanding Model
BigD420Huiyuan Chen and Jing Li, Finding Stable Clustering for Noisy Data via Structure-aware Representation
BigD423Son Nguyen, Tung Nguyen, Linh Ngo, and Khoat Than, Infinite Dropout for training Bayesian models from data streams
BigD424Benedikt Boenninghoff, Steffen Hessler, Dorothea Kolossa, and Robert Nickel, Explainable Authorship Verification in Social Media via Attention-based Similarity Learning
BigD433Hyungsul Kim, Ahmed El-Kishky, Xiang Ren, and Jiawei Han, Mining News Events from Comparable News Corpora: A Multi-Attribute Proximity Network Modeling Approach
BigD437Wafaa Mebrek, Badran Raddaoui, and Mohamad AlBilani, On Relaxing Failing Queries over RDF Databases
BigD452Yuqi Fu, Shaolun Zhang, Jose Terrero, Ying Mao, Guangya Liu, Sheng Li, and Dingwen Tao, Progress-based Container Scheduling for Short-lived Applications in a Kubernetes Cluster
BigD457Huiyuan Chen and Jing Li, Collaborative Ranking Tags and Items via Cross-domain Recommendation
BigD458Kun Feng, Hariharan Devarajan, Anthony Kougkas, and Xian-He Sun, NIOBE: An Intelligent I/O Bridging Engine for Complex and Distributed Workflows
BigD461Rongzhe Wei, Bo Dong, Kuanzheng Yang, Huan He, Qinghua Zheng, and Jianfei Ruan, ABR-HIC: Attention Based Bidirectional RNN for Hierarchical Industry Classification
BigD462Kentaroh Toyoda and Allan N. Zhang, Mechanism Design for An Incentive-aware Blockchain-enabled Federated Learning Platform
BigD474Ajitesh Srivastava, Rajgopal Kannan, Charalampos Chelmis, and Viktor K. Prasanna, RecANt: Network-based Recruitment for Active Fake News Correction
BigD482Minh Huong Le Nguyen, Heitor Murilo Gomes, and Albert Bifet, Semi-supervised Learning over Streaming Data using MOA
BigD484Heitor Murilo Gomes, Rodrigo Mello, Bernhard Pfahringer, and Albert Bifet, Feature Scoring using Tree-Based Ensembles for Evolving Data Streams
BigD486Yuxin Xiao, Zecheng Zhang, Carl Yang, and ChengXiang Zhai, Non-local Attention Learning on Large Heterogeneous Information Networks
BigD489Daqi Gao and Jingguang Zhang, Pseudo-Inverse Linear Discriminants for Highly Imbalanced Big Datasets
BigD492Yu-Tung Hsieh, Chuan-Yu Lee, Ching-Chi Lin, Pangfeng Liu, and Jan-Jan Wu, A Bicameralism Voting Framework for Combining Knowledge from Clients into Better Prediction
BigD499Conghui He, Shijie Sun, Benli Li, Xiaogang Tu, and Donghai Yu, Finding Mutual X at WeChat-Scale Social Network in Ten Minitues
BigD516So Hirai and Kenji Yamanishi, Detecting Model Changes and their Early Signals Using MDL Change Statistics
BigD544Panagiotis Tampakis, Nikos Pelekis, Christos Doulkeridis, and Yannis Theodoridis, Scalable Distributed Subtrajectory Clustering
BigD549Prarthana Padia, Kwan Hui Lim, Jeffrey Chan, and Aaron Harwood, Sentiment-Aware and Personalized Tour Recommendation
BigD553Ahmad Slo, Sukanya Bhowmik, Albert Flaig, and Kurt Rothermel, pSPICE: Partial Match Shedding for Complex Event Processing
BigD554Shayan Jawed, Ahmed Rashed, and Lars Schmidt-Thieme, Multi-step Forecasting via Multi-task Learning
BigD558Rachel Krohn and Tim Weninger, Modelling Online Comment Threads from their Start
BigD565Haoti Zhong, Anna Squicciarini, David Miller, and Sarah Rajtmajer, Toward Image Privacy Classification and Spatial Attribution of Private Content
BigD567Jiabin Wei and Eugenio Morello, Commercial Space Category Recognition and Prediction with Machine Learning Algorithms and Multiple Data Sources: A Case Study of Milan
BigD569Enmao Diao, Jie Ding, and Vahid Tarokh, Restricted Recurrent Neural Networks
BigD570Shuhan Yuan, Panpan Zheng, Xintao Wu, and Qinghua Li, Insider Threat Detection via Hierarchical Neural Temporal Point Processes
BigD580Robert Patton, Travis Johnston, Steven Young, Catherine Schuman, Thomas Potok, Derek Rose, Seung-Hwan Lim, Junghoon CHAE, Le Hou, Shahira Abousamra, Dimitris Samaras, and Joel Saltz, Exascale Deep Learning to Accelerate Cancer Research
BigD586Axel Oehmichen, Shubham Jain, Andrea Gadotti, and Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye, OPAL: High performance platform for large-scale privacy-preserving location data analytics
BigD587Najib Ishaq, George Student, and Noah Daniels, Clustered Hierarchical Entropy-Scaling Search of Astronomical and Biological Data
BigD588Esra Akbas, Index Based Efficient Algorithms For Closest Community Search
BigD592Adil Alim, Xujiang Zhao, Jin-Hee Cho, and Feng Chen, Uncertainty-Aware Opinion Inference Under Adversarial Attacks
BigD595Andre Nguyen, Edward Raff, and Aaron Sant-Miller, Would a File by Any Other Name Seem as Malicious?
BigD596Emine Ugur kaynar, mania abdi, Mohammad Hossein Hajkazemi, Ata Turk, Raja Sambasivan, Larry Rudolph, Peter Desnoyers, and Orran Krieger, D3N: A multi-layer cache for the rest of us
BigD598Rajesh Sharma, Artem Mateush, and Jaan Übi, Tale of Three States: Analysis of Large Person-to-Person Online Financial Transactions in Three Baltic Countries
BigD601Yang Zhang, Ruohan Zong, Jun Han, Hao Zheng, Qiuwen Lou, Daniel Zhang, and Dong Wang, TransLand: An Adversarial Transfer Learning Approach for Migratable Urban Land Usage Classification using Remote Sensing
BigD609Cansu Sen, Thomas Hartvigsen, Xiangnan Kong, and Elke Rundensteiner, Patient-level Classification on Clinical Note Sequences Guided by Attributed Hierarchical Attention
BigD614Jiayi Liu, Samarth Tripathi, Unmesh Kurup, and Mohak Shah, Auptimizer - an Extensible, Open-Source Framework for Hyperparameter Tuning
BigD618Yang Gao, Yi-Fan Li, Bo Dong, Yu Lin, and Latifur Khan, SIM: Open-World Multi-Task Stream Classifier with Integral Similarity Metrics
BigD620Wenjing Fang, Chaochao Chen, Bowen Song, Li Wang, Jun Zhou, and Kenny Zhu, Adapted Tree Boosting for Transfer Learning
BigD621Chandrajit Bajaj, Yi Wang, and Tianming Wang, SketchyCoreSVD: SketchySVD from Random Subsampling of the Data Matrix
BigD622Yu-Chen Wu, Mi-Yen Yeh, and Tei-Wei Kuo, Fast Frequent Pattern Mining without Candidate Generations on GPU by Low Latency Memory Allocation
BigD624Soumyajit Gupta and Chandrajit Bajaj, A Streaming model for Generalized Rayleigh with extensions to Minimum Noise Fraction
BigD626Joshua Suetterlein, Ryan Friese, Nathan Tallent, and Malachi Schram, TAZeR: Hiding the Cost of Remote I/O in Distributed Scientific Workflows
BigD629Phanwadee Sinthong, AFrame: Extending DataFrames for Large-Scale Modern Data Analysis
BigD634Lanyu Shang, Daniel Zhang, Michael Wang, and Dong Wang, VulnerCheck: A Content-Agnostic Detector for Online Hatred-Vulnerable Videos
BigD635Nikhil Muralidhar, Sathappan Muthiah, Kiyoshi Nakayama, Naren Ramakrishnan, and Ratnesh Sharma, Multivariate Long-Term State Forecasting in Cyber-Physical Systems: A Sequence to Sequence Approach
BigD637Huiyuan Chen and Jing Li, Collective Tensor Completion with Multiple Heterogeneous Side Information
BigD646Nicholas O. Malott and Philip A. Wilsey, Fast Computation of Persistent Homology with Data Reduction and Data Partitioning
BigD648Yang Zhou and Yan Huang, Place Representation Based Bike Demand Prediction
BigD664Langshi Chen, Jiayu Li, Cenk Sahinalp, Madhav Marathe, Anil Vullikanti, Andrey Nikolaev, Egor Smirnov, Ruslan Israfilov, and Judy Qiu, SubGraph2Vec: Highly-Vectorized Tree-like Subgraph Counting
BigD671Shaina Raza and Chen Ding, News Recommender System Considering Temporal Dynamics and News Taxonomy
BigD677Tao Huang, Yintai Ma, Zhiwei Qin, Jianfeng Zheng, Henry X. Liu, Hongtu Zhu, and Jieping Ye, Origin-destination Flow Prediction with Vehicle Trajectory Data and Semi-supervised Recurrent Neural Network
BigD686Riazat Ryan, Handong Zhao, and Ming Shao, CTC-Attention based Non-Parametric Inference Modeling for Clinical State Progression
BigD687Jingwei ZUO, Karine ZEITOUNI, and Yehia TAHER, Incremental and Adaptive Feature Exploration over Time Series Stream
BigD703Qinghai Zhou, Liangyue Li, and Hanghang Tong, Towards Real Time Team Optimization
BigD705Mingxuan Yue, Yaguang Li, Haoze Yang, Ritesh Ahuja, Yao-yi Chiang, and Cyrus Shahabi, DETECT: Deep Trajectory Clustering for Mobility-Behavior Analysis
BigD711Lais M. A. Rocha, Aline Bessa, Fernando Chirigati, Eugene OFriel, Mirella Moro, and Juliana Freire, Understanding Spatio-Temporal Urban Processes
BigD714Ruchi Shah, Shaoshuai Zhang, Ying Lin, and Panruo Wu, xSVM: Scalable Distributed Kernel Support Vector Machine Training
BigD715Theo Carr, Jun Zhuang, Dwight Sablan, Emma LaRue, Yubao Wu, Mohammad Hasan, and George Mohler, Into the Reverie: Exploration of the Dream Market
BigD721Jinghan Meng, Napath Pitaksirianan, and Yicheng Tu, Generalizing Design of Support Measures for Counting Frequent Patterns in Graphs
BigD732Wenqing Hu, Chris Junchi Li, and Xiang Zhou, On the Global Convergence of Continuous–Time Stochastic Heavy–Ball Method for Nonconvex Optimization
BigD733Hadi Mansourifar, Lin Chen, and Weidong Shi, Virtual Big Data for GAN Based Data Augmentation
BigD754Khadidja Meguelati, Benedicte Fontez, Nadine Hilgert, and Florent Masseglia, High Dimensional Data Clustering by means of Distributed Dirichlet Process Mixture Models
BigD756Eugenio Angriman, Alexander van der Grinten, and Henning Meyerhenke, Local Search for Group Closeness Maximization on Big Graphs
BigD758Karl Bäckström, Marina Papatriantafilou, and Philippas Tsigas, MindTheStep-AsyncPSGD: Adaptive Asynchronous Parallel Stochastic Gradient Descent
BigD766Saiyedul Islam, Navneet Goyal, Sundar Balasubramaniam, Poonam Goyal, Achal Agarwal, Kirti Singh Rathore, and Nischay Singh, Rapid Prototyping of Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering Algorithms for Distributed Systems
BigD770Zhi Feng, Haoyi Xiong, Chuanyuan Song, Sijia Yang, Baoxin Zhao, Licheng Wang, Zeyu Chen, Liping Liu, and Jun Huan, SecureGBM: Secure Multi-Party Gradient Boosting
BigD772Yang Zhou, Chao Jiang, Zijie Zhang, Dejing Dou, Ruoming Jin, and Pengwei Wang, Integrating Local Vertex/Edge Embedding via Deep Matrix Fusion and Siamese Multi-label Classification

Short Papers

Paper IDShort Papers
BigD202David Mainenti, Big data and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM): what's state of the art?
BigD245Yu Kitano, Satoshi Kuwamoto, and Akinori Asahara, OD-network-based Pedestrian-path Prediction for People-flow Simulation
BigD254Sakura Yamaki, Shou-de Lin, and Wataru Kameyama, Detection of Anomaly State Caused by Unexpected Accident using Data of Smart Card for Public Transportation
BigD255Wei Zhang, Lei Han, Juanzhen Sun, Hanyang Guo, and Jie Dai, Application of Multi-channel 3D-cube Successive Convolution Network for Convective Storm Nowcasting
BigD267Kaivalya Rawal and Arijit Khan, Maximizing Contrasting Opinions in Signed Social Networks
BigD272Pradeeban Kathiravelu, Yusuf Nadir Saghar, Tushar Aggarwal, and Ashish Sharma, Data Services with Bindaas: RESTful Interfaces for Diverse Data Sources
BigD273Lijiang Geng, Yishu Xue, and Guanyu Hu, Subsampled Information Criteria for Bayesian Model Selection in the Big Data Setting
BigD283Xiaokai Wei, Zhiwei Liu, Lichao Sun, and Philip S. Yu, Meta-path Reduction with Transition Probability Preserving in Heterogeneous Information Network
BigD284Lodovico Giaretta and Sarunas Girdzijauskas, Gossip Learning: Off the Beaten Path
BigD291Tsubasa Takahashi, Indirect Adversarial Attacks via Poisoning Neighbors for Graph Convolutional Networks
BigD295Yingchao Wu, Qinghua Zheng, Yuda Gao, Bo Dong, Rongzhe Wei, Fa Zhang, and Huan He, TEDM-PU :A Tax Evasion Detection Method Based on Positive and Unlabeled Learning
BigD311Vasileios Iosifidis, Besnik Fetahu, and Eirini Ntoutsi, FAE: A Fairness-Aware Ensemble Framework
BigD314Zhixiang He, Chi-Yin Chow, Jia-Dong Zhang, and Ning Li, GRADI: Towards Group Recommendation Using Attentive Dual Top-Down and Bottom-Up Influences
BigD315Mohamed Trabelsi, Brian D. Davison, and Jeffrey Heflin, Improved Table Retrieval Using Multiple Context Embeddings for Attributes
BigD317Sreyasee Das Bhattacharjee, William J. Tolone, Roy Cherian, and Urmimala Sarkar, Multimodal, Context-Aware, Feature Representation Learning for Classification and Localization
BigD323Xiang Liu, Huyunting Huang, Ziyang Tang, Tonglin Zhang, and Baijian Yang, Sparse Block Regression (SBR) for Big Data with Categorical Variables
BigD327Pedro Silva, Alexandru Costan, and Gabriel Antoniu, Investigating Edge vs. Cloud Computing Trade-offs for Stream Processing
BigD335UDAY KIRAN RAGE and Saideep c, Discovering Partial Periodic Spatial Patterns in Spatiotemporal Databases
BigD337Dandan Fang, Jinyong Zhang, Weizhong Zhao, Xiaowei Xu, Xingpeng Jiang, Xiaohua Hu, and Tingting He, Hierarchical-Document-Structure-Aware Attention with Adaptive Cost Sensitive Learning for Biomedical Document Classification
BigD340Juncheng Ding and Wei Jin, OverlapLDA: A Generative Approach for Literature-Based Discovery
BigD348Mahardhika Pratama, Andri Ashfahani, and Abdul Hady, FlexNet: Weakly Supervised Deep Learning Approach in Streaming Environments
BigD353Roshan Bharath Das, Marc X. Makkes, Alexandru Uta, Lin Wang, and Henri Bal, Aves: A Framework for Energy-efficient Stream Analytics across Low-power Devices
BigD355Erika Duriakova, Deepak Ajwani, and Neil Hurley, Engineering a Parallel ∆ -stepping Algorithm
BigD356Hongyu Sun, Qiang He, Kewen Liao, Timos Sellis, Longkun Guo, Xuyun Zhang, Jun Shen, and Feifei Chen, Fast Anomaly Detection in Multiple Multi-Dimensional Data Streams
BigD358Tasnim Kabir and Muhammad Abdullah Adnan, A Scalable Algorithm for Multi-class Support Vector Machine on Geo-Distributed Datasets
BigD364Shuai Zhao, Achir Kalra, Chong Wang, Cristian Borcea, and Yi Chen, Ad Blocking Whitelist Prediction for Online Publishers
BigD366Zhongfang Zhuang, Xiangnan Kong, Elke Rundensteiner, Jihane Zouaoui, and Aditya Arora, Attributed Sequence Embedding
BigD373J. Dinal Herath, Changxin Bai, Guanhua Yan, Ping Yang, and Shiyong Lu, RAMP: Real-Time Anomaly Detection in Scientific Workflows
BigD379Linh Nguyen and Tsukasa Ishigaki, D2D-TM: A Cycle VAE-GAN for Multi-Domain Collaborative Filtering
BigD382Gen Li, Li Sun, Zhongbao Zhang, Pengxin Ji, Sen Su, and Philip S. Yu, MC2:Unsupervised Multiple Social Network Alignment
BigD383Li Sun, Zhongbao Zhang, Pengxin Ji, Jian Wen, Sen Su, and Philip S. Yu, DNA: Dynamic Social Network Alignment
BigD384Charalampos Davalas, Dimitrios Michail, and Iraklis Varlamis, Graph matching on social networks without any side information
BigD385XIANCAI TIAN and BAIHUA ZHENG, Study Group Travel Behaviour Patterns From Large-Scale Smart Card Data
BigD388Shiyuan Deng, Xiao Yan, Kelvin K.W. Ng, Chenyu Jiang, and James Cheng, Pyramid: A General Framework for Distributed Similarity Search on Large-scale Datasets
BigD390Ngoc-Thanh Nguyen, Minh-Son Dao, and Koji Zettsu, Complex Event Analysis for Traffic Risk Prediction based on 3D-CNN with Mutli-souces Urban Sensing Data
BigD394Baoxin Zhao, Chengzhong Xu, Siyuan Liu, Juanjuan Zhao, and Li Li, A Congestion Diffusion Model with Influence Maximization for Traffic Bottleneck Identification in Metrocity Scales
BigD396Can Chen, Yijun Wang, Guoan Huang, and Hui Xiong, Hierarchical Demand Forecasting for Factory Production of Perishable Goods
BigD399Amir Atapour-Abarghouei, Stephen Bonner, and Andrew Stephen McGough, A King’s Ransom for Encryption: Ransomware Classification using Augmented One-Shot Learning and Bayesian Approximation
BigD402Noseong Park, Two Problems in Knowledge Graph Embedding: Non-Exclusive Relation Categories and Zero Gradients
BigD406Shunan Guo, Zhuochen Jin, Qing Chen, David Gotz, Hongyuan Zha, and Nan Cao, Visual Anomaly Detection in Event Sequence Data
BigD408Sumedh Yadav and Mathis Bode, A discrete mathematics approach for large scale improvement in classification training time
BigD412Nikki Lijing Kuang and Clement H.C. Leung, Analysis of Evolutionary Behavior in Self-Learning Media Search Engines
BigD418Jiawei Zhang, Bowen Dong, and Philip S. Yu, Deep Diffusive Neural Network based Fake News Detection from Heterogeneous Social Networks
BigD425Hajar Homayouni, Sudipto Ghosh, Indrakshi Ray, and Michael Kahn, An Interactive Data Quality Test Approach for Constraint Discovery and Fault Detection
BigD447Jiechao Gao, Haoyu Wang, and Haiying Shen, Task Failure Prediction in Cloud Data Centers Using Deep Learning
BigD451Swati Rallapalli, Liang Ma, Mudhakar Srivatsa, Ananthram Swami, Heesung Kwong, Graham Bent, and Christopher Simpkin, SENSE: Semantically Enhanced Node Sequence Embedding
BigD456Zhongyuan Jiang, Jianfeng Ma, and Philip S. Yu, Walk2Privacy: Limiting target link privacy disclosure against the adversarial link prediction
BigD460Ye Xue, Diego Klabjan, and Yuan Luo, Mixture-based Multiple Imputation Model for Clinical Data with a Temporal Dimension
BigD464Lin Meng, Jiyang Bai, and Jiawei Zhang, LATTE: Application Oriented Social Network Embedding
BigD466Benedetto Buratti and Eli Upfal, Ordalia: Deep Learning Hyperparameter Search via Generalization Error Bounds Extrapolation
BigD473Xiaobo Guo, Neng Gao, Lei Wang, Zeyi Liu, Weile Liu, and Jingjie Mo, TransNS: Translating Knowledge across Network Structure Space and Semantic Space
BigD483Tingting Dong, Shoji Nishimura, and Jianquan Liu, Refining Image Search Results using Multiple Attributes
BigD488Song-Eun Lee, Kang-Min Kim, Woo-Jong Ryu, Jemin Park, and SangKeun Lee, From Text Classification to Keyphrase Extraction for Short Text
BigD491Thomas Gschwind, Christoph Miksovic, Julian Minder, Katsiaryna Mirylenka, and Paolo Scotton, Fast Record Linkage for Company Entities
BigD494Laurent Caraffa, Mathieu Brédif, Murat Yirci, and Pooran Memari, ”Tile & Merge”: Distributed Delaunay Triangulations for Cloud Computing
BigD495Yi Han, Shanika Karunasekera, Christopher Leckie, and Aaron Harwood, Multi-spatial Scale Event Detection from Geo-tagged Tweet Streams via Power-law Verification
BigD498Fotis Savva, Christos Anagnostopoulos, and Peter Triantafillou, Aggregate Query Prediction under Dynamic Workloads
BigD502Nicholas Johnson, Pablo Mandiola, Cyrus Blankinship, Bartosz Bonczak, and Constantine Kontokosta, Validating the Use of Wi-Fi Signals to Estimate Hyperlocal Urban Population
BigD503Manuel Dossinger and Sebastian Michel, Scaling Out Multi-Way Stream Joins using Optimized, Iterative Probing
BigD513George Fletcher, Alexandra Poulovassilis, Petra Selmer, and Peter Wood, Approximate querying for the property graph language Cypher
BigD523Zhengyu Chen, Sibo Gai, and Donglin Wang, Deep Tensor Factorization for Multi-Criteria Recommender Systems
BigD533Ali Assi, Hamid Mcheick, and Wajdi Dhifli, BIGMat: A Distributed Affinity-Preserving Random Walk Strategy for Instance Matching on Knowledge Graphs
BigD538Minh Pham, Craig Knoblock, and Jay Pujara, Learning Data Transformations with Minimal User Effort
BigD539Yuwei Fu, Yun Xiong, Philip S. Yu, Tianyi Tao, and Yangyong Zhu, Metapath Enhanced Graph Attention Encoder for HINs Representation Learning
BigD551Prabhat Mishra, Suresh Kumar Gudla, Amogha D Shanbhag, and Joy Bose, Enhanced Alternate Action Recommender System Using Recurrent Patterns and Fault detection system for Smart Home Users
BigD555Zhuoyi Wang, Bo Dong, Yu Lin, Md Shihabul Islam, Yigong Wang, and Latifur Khan, Co-Representation Learning Framework For the Open-Set Data Classification
BigD560Johannes Luong, Dirk Habich, and Wolfgang Lehner, DataCalc: Ad-hoc Analyses on Heterogeneous Data Sources
BigD563Sabrina Amrouche, Tobias Golling, Moritz Kiehn, Claudia Plant, and Andreas Salzburger, Similarity hashing for charged particle tracking
BigD564Diwen Xue, Willie Yee, and Yueping Wang, Implementing a Domain-Independent Framework to Detect Suspicious Review Patterns with Apache Ecosystem Tools
BigD571Di Wu, Yi He, Xin Luo, Mingsheng Shang, and Xindong Wu, Online Feature Selection with Capricious Streaming Features: A General Framework
BigD578Kangsoo Jung and Seog Park, Privacy Bargaining with Fairness: Privacy–Price Negotiation System for Applying Differential Privacy in Data Market Environments
BigD579Kun Xie, Che-Rung Lee, and Feng-Yuan Liu, Performance Optimization of SpMV on Spark
BigD583Dihia Boulegane, Albert Bifet, and Giyyarpuram Madhusudan, Arbitrated Dynamic Ensemble with Abstaining and Diversity Forecasting ensembles on Data Streams
BigD591Depeng Xu, Shuhan Yuan, Lu Zhang, and Xintao Wu, FairGAN+: Achieving Fair Data Generation and Classification through Generative Adversarial Nets
BigD593Lin Li and Daniel L. Sussman, Graph Matching via Multi-Scale Heat Diffusion
BigD603Bo Dong, Jinghui Guo, Zhuoyi Wang, Rong Wu, Yang Gao, and Latifur Khan, Regression Prediction For Geolocation Aware Through Relative Density Ratio Estimation
BigD611Veronika Domova and Shiva Sander-Tavallaey, Visualization for quality health-care: patient flow exploration.
BigD623Anirban Bhattacharjee, Yogesh Barve, Shweta Khare, Shunxing Bao, Zhuangwei Kang, Aniruddha Gokhale, and Thomas Damiano, STRATUM: A BigData-as-a-Service for Lifecycle Management of IoT Analytics Applications
BigD631Kun Yang and Pan Li, Data Streaming Analysis Framework for 3D non-Cartesian Free-breathing Liver DCE-MRI Perfusion Imaging
BigD633Cecile Daniel, Angelo Furno, and Eugenio Zimeo, Cluster-based Computation of Exact Betweenness Centrality in Large Undirected Graphs
BigD642Brian Chen, Hwee-Pink Tan, and Hwee-Xian Tan, Objective Sleep Quality as a Predictor of Mild Cognitive Impairment in Seniors Living Alone
BigD656Zainab Abbas, Jon Reginbald Ivarsson, Ahmad Al-Shishtawy, and Vladimir Vlassov, Scaling Deep Learning Models for Large Spatial Time-Series Forecasting
BigD660Amila Silva, Shanika Karunasekera, Christopher Leckie, and Ling Luo, USTAR: Online Multimodal Embedding for Modeling User-Guided Spatiotemporal Activity
BigD661Manoj Dareddy, Mahashweta Das, and Hao Yang, motif2vec: Motif Aware Node Representation Learning for Heterogeneous Networks
BigD670Jay Lewis, Ryan Benton, David Bourrie, and Jennifer Lavergne, Enhancing Itemset Tree Rules and Performance
BigD672Peifeng Yin, Lei Huang, Sunhwan Lee, Mu Qiao, Shubhi Asthana, and Taiga Nakamura, Diagnosis of Neural Network via Backward Deduction
BigD673Aekyeung Moon, Xiaoyan Zhuo, Jialing Zhang, and Seung Woo Son, AD2: Improving Quality of IoT Data through Compressive Anomaly Detection
BigD675Yousu Chen, Tianzhixi Yin, Renke Huang, Xiaoyuan Fan, and Qiuhua Huang, Big Data Analytics for Power System Cascading Analysis
BigD682Diego Klabjan and Mark Harmon, Activation Ensembles for Deep Neural Networks
BigD704Esteban Guillen, Trilce Estrada and Matthew Cain, DeepManner: Automatically Determining Manner of Death
BigD706Nik Dawson, Marian-Andrei Rizoiu, Mary-Anne Williams, and Benjamin Johnston, Changing labour demands for Data Science and Analytics skills and occupations in Australia
BigD708Jianping Zeng and Hongfeng Yu, Effectively Unified Optimization for Large-scale Graph Community Detection
BigD712Michael Nelson, Sridhar Radhakrishnan, and Chandra Sekharan, Algorithms on Compressed Time-Evolving Graphs
BigD724Feiyu Zhu, Yu Pan, Tian Gao, Harkamal Walia, and Hongfeng Yu, Interactive Visualization of Time-Varying Hyperspectral Plant Images for High-Throughput Phenotyping
BigD730Tianqi Wang, Houping Xiao, Fenglong Ma, and Jing Gao, IProWA: A Novel Probabilistic Graphical Model for Crowdsourcing Aggregation
BigD731Jiahao Liu, Guixiang Ma, Fei Jiang, Chun-Ta Lu, Philip S. Yu, and Ann Ragin, Community-preserving Graph Convolutions for Structural and Functional Joint Embedding of Brain Networks
BigD737Yu Pan, Feiyu Zhu, Tian Gao, and Hongfeng Yu, Adaptive Deep Learning based Time Varying Volume Compression
BigD741Rui Li, Fenglong Ma, Wenjun Jiang, and Jing Gao, Online Federated Multitask Learning
BigD744Akihiro Yoshida, Yosuke Yatsushiro, Nozomi Hata, Tatsuru Higurashi, Nariaki Tateiwa, Takashi Wakamatsu, Akira Tanaka, Kenichi Nagamatsu, and Katsuki Fujisawa, Practical End-to-End Repositioning Algorithm for Managing Bike-Sharing System
BigD746Macario II Cordel, Modeling human attention by learning from large amount of emotional images
BigD755Rongzhe Wei, Bo Dong, Xulyu Zhu, Jianfei Ruan, Qinghua Zheng, and Huan He, Unsupervised Conditional Adversarial Network for Tax Evasion Detection
BigD767Cesare Cugnasco, Hadrien Calmet, Pol Santamaria, Raül Sirvent, Ane Beatriz Eguzkitza, Guillaume Houzeaux, Yolanda Becerra, Jordi Torres, and Jesus Labarta, The OTree: Multidimensional Indexing with efficient data Sampling for HPC
BigD768Bowen Dong, Charu Aggarwal, and Philip S. Yu, The Link Regression Problem
BigD771Yang Zhou, Jiaxiang Ren, Sixing Wu, Dejing Dou, Ruoming Jin, Zijie Zhang, and Pengwei Wang, Semi-supervised Classification-based Local Vertex Ranking via Dual Generative Adversarial Nets
BigD774Danfeng Yan, Jiyuan Chen, Jianfei Cui, Ao Shan, and Wenting Shi, Deep Multi-Head Attention Network for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis

Industry & Government Regular Papers

Paper IDRegular Papers
N207Sören Stöhrmann, Vera Kamp, and Reinhard Moratz, The Conceptual Background of OPTIMIST's AI Module
N208Yuanzhe Bei, Thao Pham, Akshay Aggarwal, Nga Tran, Jaimin Dave, Chuck Bear, and Michael Leuchtenburg, Vertica Flattened Tables and Live Aggregate Projections: A Column-based Alternative to Materialized Views for Analytics
N209Masaharu Goto, Naoki Kobayashi, Gang Ren, and Mitsunori Ogihara, Scaling Up Heterogeneous Waveform Clustering for Long-Duration Monitoring Signal Acquisition, Analysis, and Interaction: Bridging Big Data Analytics with Measurement Instrument Usage Pattern
N210Junghoon Chae, Debsindhu Bhowmik, Heng Ma, Arvind Ramanathan, and Chad Steed, Visual Analytics for Deep Embeddings of Large Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations
N211Geert Janssen, Vladimir Zolotov, and Tung D. Le, Large Data Flow Graphs in Limited GPU Memory
N213Kareem Aggour, Vijay Kumar, Paul Cuddihy, Jenny Williams, Vipul Gupta, Laura Dial, Tim Hanlon, Justin Gambone, and Joseph Vinciquerra, Federated Multimodal Big Data Storage & Analytics Platform for Additive Manufacturing
N215Ishita Kamal Khan, Aritra Mandal, and Prathyusha Senthil Kumar, Contextual Price Features for e-Commerce Search Ranking
N216Xuan-Hong Dang, Syed Yousaf, and Petros Zerfos, Discovering Dynamic Dependencies from Multivariate Time Series
N218Yanzhao Wu, Ling Liu, Juhyun Bae, Ka-Ho Chow, Arun Iyengar, Calton Pu, Wenqi Wei, Lei Yu, and Qi Zhang, Demystifying Learning Rate Polices for High Accuracy Training of Deep Neural Networks
N219Xiao Zhang, Manish Marwah, I-ta Lee, Martin Arlitt, and Dan Goldwasser, ACE -- An Anomaly Contribution Explainer for Cyber-Security Applications
N220Qi Wang, Michal Siedlaczek, Yen-Yu Chen, Michael Gormish, and Torsten Suel, Forward Index Compression for Instance Retrieval in an Augmented Reality Application
N221Chandrika Kamath, Intelligent Exploration of Large-Scale Data: What Can We Learn in Two Passes?
N223Ljiljana Stojanovic, Nenad Stojanovic, Djuradj Gvozdenovic, and MIlan Stojanovic, Cognition-driven resolution of the unpredicted undesirabe situations in manufacturing processes: Tool Wear use case
N227Chaitanya Kanchibhotla, Pruthvi Raj Venkatesh, DVLN Somayajulu, and Radha krishna P, An Efficient Cloud-Based Framework for Digital Media Knowledge Extraction
N229Amey Agrawal, Abishek Dixit, Namrata Shettar, Darshil Kapadia, Vikram Agrawal, Rajat Gupta, and Rohit Karlupia, Delog: A High-Performance Privacy Preserving Log Filtering Framework
N230Baoxu Shi, Jaewon Yang, Tim Weninger, Jing How, and Qi He, Representation Learning in Heterogeneous Professional Social Networks with Ambiguous Social Connections
N232Philipp Ross and Andre Luckow, EdgeInsight: Characterizing and Modeling the Performance of Machine Learning Inference on the Edge and Cloud
N233Jingya Wang, Kareem Abdelfatah, Mohammed Korayem, and janani balaji, DeepCarotene - Job Title Classification with Multi-stream Convolutional Neural Network
N234Saurav Manchanda, Pranjul Yadav, Khoa Doan, and Keerthi Sathiya, Targeted display advertising: the case of preferential attachment
N235Xianshan Qu, Li Li, Xi Liu, Rui Chen, Yong Ge, and Soo-Hyun Choi, A Dynamic Neural Network Model for Click-Through Rate Prediction in Real-Time Bidding
N239Christian J. Mahoney, Jianping Zhang, Nathaniel Huber-fliflet, Peter Gronvall, and Haozhen Zhao, A Framework for Explainable Text Classification in Legal Document Review
N242Kajanan Sangaralingam, Nisha Verma, Aravind Ravi, and Su Won Bae, High Impact Customer Acquisition & Retention Modelling – A Scalable Data Mashup Approach
N243Guangyu Li, Bo Jiang, Zhengping Che, Xuefeng Shi, Mengyao Liu, Jieping Ye, and Yan Liu, D3-BUS: Human Driving Behavior Understanding System
N244Cen Chen, Chen Liang, Jianbin Lin, Li Wang, Ziqi Liu, Xinxing Yang, Jun Zhou, Yang Shuang, and Yuan Qi, InfDetect: a Large Scale Graph-based Fraud Detection System for E-Commerce Insurance
N245Nassia Daouayry, Ammar Mechouche, Pierre-Loic Maisonneuve, Vasile-Marian Scuturici and Jean-Marc Petit, Data-Centric Helicopter Failure Anticipation: The MGB Oil Pressure Virtual Sensor Case.
N246Miroslav Hodak, Maria Gorkovenko, and Ajay Dholakia, Towards Power Efficiency in Deep Learning on Data Center Hardware
N247Antoine Hébert, Timothée Guédon, Tristan Glatard, and Brigitte Jaumard, High-Resolution Road Vehicle Collision Prediction for the City of Montreal
N250Vivian Wen Hui Wong, Max Ferguson, Kincho H. Law, and Yung-Tsun Tina Lee, An Assistive Learning Workflow on Annotating Images for Object Detection
N254Ye Ouyang, Aidong Yang, Shuming Zeng and Fanyu Meng, MNP Inside Out: A Game Theory Assisted Machine Learning Model to Detect Subscriber Churn Behaviors under China’s Mobile Number Portability Policy
N256Amir Yaghoubi Shahir, Mohammad A. Tayebi, Uwe Glässer, Tilemachos Charalampous, Zahra Zohrevand, and Hans Wehn, Mining Vessel Trajectories for Illegal Fishing Detection
N257Pranjul Yadav, Michael Steinbach, M. Regina Castro, Pedro J. Caraballo, Vipin Kumar, and Gyorgy Simon, Frequent Causal Pattern Mining: A Computationally Efficient Framework For Estimating Bias-Corrected

Industry & Government Short Papers

Paper IDShort Papers
N226 (Abs.)Zhanhong Jiang and Young M. Lee, Deep Transfer Learning for Thermal Dynamics Modeling in Smart Buildings
N236 (Abs.)Robert Keeling, Rishi Chhatwal, Nathaniel Huber-fliflet, Jianping Zhang, Fusheng Wei, Haozhen Zhao, Shi Ye, and Han Qin, Empirical Comparisons of CNN with Other Learning Algorithms for Text Classification in Legal Document Review
N238 (Abs.)Fahad Alhasoun and Marta Gonzalez, Streetify: Using Street View Imagery And Deep Learning For Urban Streets Development
N249 (Abs.)Nicholas Becker, Ayush Dattagupta, Eli Fajardo, Prem Gali, Bianca Rhodes, Bartley Richardson, and Bhargav Suryadevara, Streamlined and Accelerated Cyber Analyst Workflows with RAPIDS

Industry & Government Poster Papers

Paper IDPoster Papers
N212Choudur Lakshminarayan, Thiagarajan Ramakrishnan, Awny AlOmari, Khaled Bouaziz, Faraz Ahmad, Sri Raghavan, and Prama Agarwal, Enterprise-wide Machine Learning using Teradata Vantage: An Integrated Analytics Platform
N222Vikram Krishnamurthy, Kusha Nezafati, Juhyun Bae, Emre Gursoy, Mian Zhong, and Vikrant Singh, Classification of Driving Behavior Events Utilizing Kinematic Classification and Machine Learning for Down Sampled Time Series Data
N225 (Abs.)Ruihong Huang, Zhiwei Chen, Zhicheng Liu, Shaoxu Song, and Jianmin Wang, TsOutlier: Explaining Outliers with Uniform Profiles over IoT Data
N228Neil Brockett, Catriona Clarke, Michele Berlingerio, and Sourav Dutta, Clustering for Analysis and Remediation of Attrition
N231Aleksandr Suleikin and Peter Panfilov, Industrial track: Architecting railway KPIs data processing with Big Data technologies
N237David Huber, Nigel Stepp, Aruna Jammalamadaka, Tiffany Kim, Sam Johnson, Dana Warmsley, and Tsai-Ching Lu, MATRICS: A System for Human-Machine Hybrid Forecasting of Geopolitical Events
N240Su Won Bae, Aravind Ravi, Kajanan Sangaralingam, Nisha Verma, Anindya Datta, and Varun Chugh, Suspicious Location Detection Using Trajectory Analysis & Location Backfilling - Scalable Approach
N241Yu Cheng and Shuo Yang, An Interactive Online Audience Extension System