IEEE Big Data 2023 Accepted Papers

Regular Papers

Paper IDPaper Title
BigD229"Tripletformer for Probabilistic Interpolation of Irregularly sampled Time Series"
Vijaya Krishna Yalavarthi, Johannes Burchert, and Lars Schmidt-Thieme
BigD235"Roughness index for loss landscapes of neural network models of partial differential equations"
Keke Wu, Xiangru Jian, Rui Du, Jingrun Chen, and Xiang Zhou
BigD240"Discovery and Matching Numerical Attributes in Data Lakes"
Pattara Sukprasert, Pattara Sukprasert, Ryan Rossi, Fan Du, and Eunyee Koh
BigD281"Document-Level Event Argument Extraction Based on Bidirectional Span Detection"
Yong Zhang, Feng Xiong, and Kai Zhang
BigD284"Dynamic Mining Interval to Improve Blockchain Throughput"
Hou-Wan Long, Xiongfei Zhao, and Yain-Whar Si
BigD288"CoMABO: Covariance Matrix Adaptation for Bayesian Optimization"
Hsiang-Yu Ku and Che-Rung Lee
BigD309"FNDaaS: Content-agnostic Detection of Websites Distributing Fake News"
Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Dimitris Spithouris, Evangelos P. Markatos, and Nicolas Kourtellis
BigD311"OrthoNets: Orthogonal Channel Attention Networks"
Hadi Salman, Caleb Parks, Matthew Swan, and John Gauch
BigD326"Ultra-wide Band Positioning with Signal Interference based on Two-Stream Residual Network"
Xueming Xu, Ruirui Zhao, and Jichao Li
BigD329"Interpretable Sock Puppet Attribution"
Chun Wei Seah, Chia-Yu Hung, Zhiqiang Hu, Yujia Hu, Hai Leong Chieu, and Roy Ka-Wei Lee
BigD330"Long-term Time Series Forecasting based on Decomposition and Neural Ordinary Differential Equations"
Seonkyu Lim, Jaehyeon Park, Seojin Kim, Hyowon Wi, Haksoo Lim, Jinsung Jeon, Jeongwhan Choi, and Noseong Park
BigD333"ID-MixGCL: Identity Mixup for Graph Contrastive Learning"
Gehang Zhang, Bowen Yu, Jiangxia Cao, Xinghua Zhang, Jiawei Sheng, Tingwen Liu, and Chuan Zhou
BigD335"Unvisited Out-Of-Town POI Recommendation with Simultaneous Learning of Multiple Regions"
Rikuto Tsubouchi, Takahiro Hara, Kei Yonekawa, and Shuichiro Haruta
BigD337"IIP-Transformer: Intra-Inter-Part Transformer for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition"
Qingtian Wang, Shuze Shi, Jiabin He, Jianlin Peng, Tingxi Liu, and Renliang Weng
BigD340"Robust Fraud Detection via Supervised Contrastive Learning"
Vinay M.S., Shuhan Yuan, and Xintao Wu
BigD346"SST: Semantic and Structural Transformers for Hierarchy-aware Language Models in E-commerce"
Karan Samel, Houyu Zhang, Jun Ma, Haoming Jiang, Qing Ping, Sheng Wang, Yi Xu, Belinda Zeng, and Trishul Chilimbi
BigD347"A Scalable Approach to Aligning Natural Language and Knowledge Graph Representations: Batched Information Guided Optimal Transport"
Alexander Kalinowski, Deepayan Datta, and Yuan An
BigD354"Detecting Semantic Errors in Tables using Textual Evidence"
Minh Pham, Craig Knoblock, and Muhao Chen
BigD355"Label Freedom: Stable Diffusion for Remote Sensing Image Semantic Segmentation Data Generation"
Chenbo Zhao, Yoshiki Ogawa, Shenglong Chen, Zhehui Yang, and Yoshihide Sekimoto
BigD371"Efficiently Mining Frequent Representative Motifs in Large Collections of Time Series"
Stijn Rotman, Boris Cule, and Len Feremans
BigD392"Interactive Visualization for Smart Power Grid Efficiency and Outage Exploration"
Dongyun Han and Isaac Cho
BigD401"Subspace Interpolation and Indexing on Stiefel and Grassmann Manifolds as a Lightweight Inference Engine"
Wenqing Hu, Tiefeng Jiang, Birendra Kathariya, Vikram Abrol, Jiali Zhang, and Zhu Li
BigD408"Compact Boundary Matrix from a Polytopal Complex for Computing Persistent Homology"
Rohit Singh and Philip Wilsey
BigD412"Combining Demographic Tabular Data with BERT Outputs for Multilabel Text Classification in Higher Education Survey Data"
Kevin Chovanec, John Fields, and Praveen Madiraju
BigD418"MERMAID: A Dataset and Framework for Multimodal Meme Semantic Understanding"
Shaun Toh, Adriel Kuek, Wen-Haw Chong, and Roy Ka-Wei Lee
BigD424"Shrinkage Denoising and Sequential State Extraction Model for Vibration Event Recognition"
Wanchang Jiang and Yuxin Jiang
BigD426"Improving Knowledge Distillation for Federated Learning on Non-IID Data"
Zongyi Chen, Sanchuan Guo, Liyan Shen, Xi Zhang, and Zhuonan Chang
BigD427"Finformer: A Static-dynamic Spatiotemporal Framework for Stock Trend Prediction"
Yi Zu, Jiacong Mi, Lingning Song, Shan Lu, and Jieyue He
BigD442"ABF-FNN: A new fuzzy neural network for predicticting coal mine gas concentration hazard"
Yimin Sun, Xiaobo Zhang, Zhehao Zhang, Yunyang Wu, Haihao Tang, and Haonan Luo
BigD459"GNN-Ensemble: Towards Random Decision Graph Neural Networks"
Wenqi Wei, Mu Qiao, and Divyesh Jadav
BigD466"Online Adaptive Mahalanobis Distance Estimation"
Lianke Qin`, Aravind Reddy, and Zhao Song
BigD470"A Dialogue Generation Adapter for LLM over Domain Knowledge Gap"
Noriaki Kawamae
BigD476"Leveraging Large Language Models for Structure Learning in Prompted Weak Supervision"
Jinyan Su, Peilin Yu, Jieyu Zhang, and Stephen Bach
BigD477"Solving Tensor Low Cycle Rank Approximation"
Yihchuan Deng, Yeqi Gao, and Zhao Song
BigD479"Multimodal Co-attention Transformer for Video-Based Personality Understanding"
Mingwei Sun and Kunpeng Zhang
BigD480"Semi-supervised 3D Video Information Retrieval with Deep Neural Network and Bi-directional Dynamic-time Warping Algorithm"
Yintai Ma and Diego Klabjan
BigD483"Group-Aware Interest Disentangled Dual-Training for Personalized Recommendation"
Xiaolong Liu, Liangwei Yang, Zhiwei Liu, Xiaohan Li, Mingdai Yang, Chen Wang, and Philip S. Yu
BigD486"Mitigating Confounding and Selection Biases in Personalized Recommendation: A Causal Approach"
Wen Huang, Jingbo Zhou, Xintao Wu, and Dejing Dou
BigD489"Spatial-Temporal Dynamic Graph Diffusion Convolutional Network for Traffic Flow Forecasting"
Yang LI and Yaying ZHANG
BigD492"Towards cost-effective and resource-aware aggregation at Edge for Federated Learning"
Ahmad Khan, Yuze Li, Xinran Wang, Sabaat Haroon, Haider Ali, Yue Cheng, Ali Butt, and Ali Anwar
BigD495"Enhancing Representation Learning with Label Association for Multi-Label Text Classification"
Wang Zhang, Xin Wang, Yuhong Wu, Xingpeng Zhang, and Huayi Zhan
BigD496"Dual-Teacher Knowledge Distillation for Strict Cold-Start Recommendation"
Weizhi Zhang, Liangwei Yang, Yuwei Cao, Ke Xu, Yuanjie Zhu, and Philip S. Yu
BigD512"Integrating Staleness and Shapley Value Consistency for Efficient K-Asynchronous Federated Learning"
Yuhui Jiang, Xingjian Lu, Wei Mao, and Ying Lin
BigD518"Time-varying QoS Estimation via Non-negative Latent Factorization of Tensors with Extended Linear Biases"
Xiuqin Xu, Mingwei Lin, Wenqiang Li, Jianpeng Zhang, and Hao Wu
BigD525"An Adaptive Hierarchical Method for Anytime Set-wise Clustering of Variable and High-Speed Data Streams"
Aarti ., Jagat Sesh Challa, Utkarsh Darolia, Mridul Chandak, Navneet Goyal, and Poonam Goyal
BigD527"Improving Adversarially Robust Sequential Recommendation through Generalizable Perturbations"
Xun Yao, Ruyi He, Xinrong Hu, Jie Yang, Yi Guo, and Zijian Huang
BigD529"RSP-gcForest: A Distributed Deep Forest via Random Sampling Partition."
Mark Junjie Li, Wenzhu Cai, Yigang Lin, Sunjie Huang, and Patrick Xiaogang Peng
BigD534"Hybrid Loss for Hierarchical Multi–label Classification Network"
Wenting Qi and Charalampos Chelmis
BigD540"Large-scale User Preference Tracking via Asynchronous and Asymmetric Updating at Twitter"
Ga Wu, Shivam Khare, Li Zhou, Yael Brumer, Jun-Ping Ng, and Ruowei Wang
BigD541"Social Event Detection with Reinforced Deep Heterogeneous Graph Attention Network"
Yongsheng Yu, Jia Wu, and Jian Yang
BigD543"Unveiling the Road Matrix: Development of Versatile Pavement Surface Models from Low-resolution Aerial Images"
Ling-feng Liao, Deeksha Arya, and Yoshihide Sekimoto
BigD546"A novel training mechanism for health indicator construction and remaining useful lifetime (RUL) prediction"
Hanbyeol Park, Dohee Kim, Minseop Kim, Mingyu Park, Hyerim Bae, and Yunkyung Park
BigD555"Striking a Balance in Fairness for Dynamic Systems Through Reinforcement Learning"
Yaowei Hu, Jacob Lear, and Lu Zhang
BigD556"Multi-Instance Bias Suppression for Enhanced Generalization in Breast Cancer Diagnosis: Harnessing Histopathological Big Data Insights"
Syed Attique Shah, Xiaoyang Zeng, Awais Ahmed, Shaheed Parvez, Rui Xi, and Mengshu Hou
BigD560"Cross-Domain Fake News Detection Based on Coarse-Fine Grained Environments Reflecting Public Expectation"
Guojun Liu and Yuefeng Ma
BigD568"NeuEmot: Reducing False Neutral Classification in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Using Low-Level Emotions"
Ademola Adesokan and Sanjay Madria
BigD571"Pandemic Culture Wars: Partisan Differences in the Moral Language of COVID-19 Discussions"
Ashwin Rao, Siyi Guo, Sze-Yuh Nina Wang, Fred Morstatter, and Kristina Lerman
BigD572"WellFactor: Patient Profiling using Integrative Embedding of Healthcare Data"
Dongjin Choi, Andy Xiang, Ozgur Ozturk, Deep Shrestha, Barry Drake, Hamid Haidarian, Faizan Javed, and Haesun Park
BigD586"FOCAL: A Cost-Aware Video Dataset for Active Learning"
Kiran Kokilepersaud, Yash-yee Logan, Ryan Benkert, Chen Zhou, Mohit Prabhushankar, Ghassan AlRegib, Enrique Corona, Kunjan Singh, and Mostafa Parchami
BigD587"STIM: Spatio-Temporal Interaction Model for Urban Analyses"
Daniel Glake, Fabian Panse, Norbert Ritter, Ulfia Lenfers, and Thomas Clemen
BigD595"Traffic Demand Prediction Based on Multi-dimensional Graph Convolutional Network"
Peiying Zeng, Liying Jiang, Yongxuan Lai, and Fan Yang
BigD613"Counterfactual Explanations for Time Series Data via Learned Saliency Maps"
Peiyu Li, Omar Bahri, Soukaina Filali Boubrahimi, and Shah Muhammad Hamdi
BigD622"Sketching Multidimensional Time Series for Fast Discord Mining"
Chin-Chia Michael Yeh, Yan Zheng, Menghai Pan, Huiyuan Chen, Zhongfang Zhuang, Junpeng Wang, Liang Wang, Wei Zhang, Jeff M. Phillips, and Eamonn Keogh
BigD624"A Prior-Guided Meta-Weight Network for Long-tailed Noisy Data in Item Categorization"
Tianqi Wang, Lei Chen, and Jing Gao
BigD626"Difforecast: Image Generation Based Highway Traffic Forecasting with Diffusion Model"
Pengnan Chi and Xiaoliang Ma
BigD635"Generalized Causal Tree for Uplift Modeling"
Preetam Nandy, Xiufan Yu, Wanjun Liu, Ye Tu, Kinjal Basu, and Shaunak Chatterjee
BigD640"RoadFormer: Road-Anchored Adversarial Dynamic Graph Transformer for Unlimited-Range Traffic Incident Impact Prediction"
Yanshen Sun, Kaiqun Fu, and Chang-Tien Lu
BigD647"Scalable Volume Visualization for Big Scientific Data Modeled by Functional Approximation"
Jianxin Sun, David Lenz, Hongfeng Yu, and Tom Peterka
BigD663"TransGNN: Towards Knowledge Enhanced Top-K Recommendation via Transformed Heterogeneous Graph Neural Network"
Shen Wang, Ziwei Fan, Jibing Gong, Xiaokai Wei, and Philip S. Yu
BigD666"User-guided Page Merging for Memory Deduplication in Serverless Systems"
Wei Qiu, Marcin Copik, Yun Wang, Alexandru Calotoiu, and Torsten Hoefler
BigD668"CASTLE: A Cascaded Spatio-Temporal Approach for Long-lead Streamflow Forecasting"
Yong Zhuang, David L Small, Patrick D Flynn, Shafiqul Islam, Ping Chen, and Wei Ding
BigD669"Measuring Bias"
Aida Sharif Rohani and Ricardo Baeza-Yates
BigD670"Multi-State Brain Network Discovery"
Hang Yin, Yao Su, Xinyue Liu, Thomas Hartvigsen, Yanhua Li, and Xiangnan Kong
BigD686"HARVEST: High-Performance Artificial Vision Framework for Expert Labeling using Semi-Supervised Training"
Nawras Alnaasan, Matthew Lieber, Aamir Shafi, Hari Subramoni, Scott Shearer, and Dhabaleswar K. Panda
BigD699"Aspect-based Meeting Transcript Summarization: A Two-Stage Approach with Weak Supervision on Sentence Classification"
Zhongfen Deng, Seunghyun Yoon, Trung Bui, Franck Dernoncourt, Quan Hung Tran, Shuaiqi Liu, Wenting Zhao, Tao Zhang, Yibo Wang, and Philip Yu
BigD702"PieRank: Embedded Large-Scale Sparse Matrix Processing"
Michelle Zhou
BigD703"Feature Selection on Big Data using Masked Sparse Bottleneck Centroid-Encode"
Tomojit Ghosh and Michael Kirby
BigD704"Circular Arc Length-Based Kernel Matrix For Protein Sequence Classification"
Taslim Murad, Sarwan Ali, Prakash Chourasia, Haris Mansoor, and Murray Patterson
BigD707"SEED: An Effective Model for Highly-Skewed Streamflow Time Series Data Forecasting"
Yanhong Li, Jack Xu, and David Anastasiu
BigD712"Scalable Homology Classification through Decomposed Euler Characteristic Curves"
Nicholas Malott and Philip Wilsey
BigD715"DRLO: Deep Representation Learning for Large Scale Off-track Satellite Remote Sensing Data"
Xin Huang, Chenxi Wang, Wenbin Zhang, Sanjay Purushotham, and Jianwu Wang
BigD723"Computing Group-By and Aggregate on Massively Parallel Systems"
Minh Pham, Chengcheng Mou, Benjamin HSU, and Yicheng Tu
BigD726"ADAMM: Anomaly Detection of Attributed Multi-graphs with Metadata: A Unified Neural Network Approach"
Konstantinos Sotiropoulos, Lingxiao Zhao, Pierre Jinghong Liang, and Leman Akoglu
BigD735"Multi-view Deep Markov Models for Time Series Anomaly Detection"
Phuong Nguyen, Hiep Tran, and Tuan Le
BigD738"Flexible Communication for Optimal Distributed Learning over Unpredictable Networks"
Sahil Tyagi and Martin Swany
BigD742"Density-Based Prototypical Contrastive Learning on Visual Representations"
Yueh-Lin Chung and Hsing-Kuo Pao
BigD745"On-Street Parking Prediction: A Comparative Study"
Stefano Fiorini, Michele Ciavotta, Carlo Liberto, and Gaetano Valenti
BigD753"Forgetting User Preference in Recommendation Systems with Label-Flipping"
Manal Alshehri and Xiangliang Zhang
BigD755"Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation with Positiveand Unlabeled Data"
Junki Mori, Ryo Furukawa, Isamu Teranishi, and Jun Sakuma
BigD756"Predicting Impression Evaluation of Building Exterior Appearance Using Street Image Big Data"
Yusuke Imadegawa, Takuya Oki, Yoshiki Ogawa, and Chenbo Zhao
BigD767"mTADS: Multivariate Time Series Anomaly Detection Benchmark Suits"
David Baumgartner, Helge Langseth, Heri Ramampiaro, and Kenth Engø-Monsen
BigD774"M2-CNN: A Macro-Micro Model for Taxi Demand Prediction"
Shih-Fen Cheng and Prabod Rathnayaka

Short Papers

Paper IDPaper Title
BigD215"[Vision Paper] Learning with Variational Objectives on Measures"
Vivien Cabannes
BigD222"Evolution-Driven Deep Meta-Learning Algorithm for Multi-Objective Combinatorial Optimizatio"
Jiajun Chen
BigD228"Tabular Data to Image Generation: Benchmark Data, Approaches, and Evaluation [Vision Paper]"
Alex Tang, Gromit Chan, Ryan Rossi, Chang Xiao, and Eunyee Koh
BigD231"ATADA: Adaptive Time Aware Anomaly Detection Approach for Real-Time Intelligent Transportation Systems"
Ke Zhang, Hengchang Liu, and Siobhan Clarke
BigD251"Optimal Sampling for Moving Object Trajectory Tracking in Smart Transportation Systems: A Transformer-based Approach"
Usman Musa, Yifan Guo, Cheng Qian, and Wei Yu
BigD256"Increase Merge Efficiency in LSM Trees Through Coordinated Partitioning of Sorted Runs"
Qizhong Mao and Vagelis Hristidis
BigD271"Efficient Estimation of Local Causal Effects in Graphs via Neighborhood Pooling"
Ryan Rossi, Somdeb Sarkhel, and Nesreen Ahmed
BigD273"Detecting Compromised IoT Devices Using Autoencoders with Sequential Hypothesis Testing"
Md Mainuddin, Zhenhai Duan, and Yingfei Dong
BigD280"Deep Learning for Spatiotemporal Big Data: Opportunities and Challenges [Vision Paper]"
Zhe Jiang
BigD282"Exploring Social-activity Networks for Sybil Detection: Models and Efficient Algorithms"
Liguo Chen, Mingqiang Zhou, Hong Xie, Xiaoyu Shi, and Mingsheng Shang
BigD287"Self-Supervision for Tackling Unsupervised Anomaly Detection: Pitfalls and Opportunities [Vision Paper]"
Leman Akoglu and Jaemin Yoo
BigD291"aQua: A Framework for Spatiotemporal Analysis and Visualizations of Water Quality Data at Scale"
Matthew Young, Sangmi Pallickara, and Shrideep Pallickara
BigD293"A Hybrid Model Based on Multi-level External Knowledge for Chinese Semantic Matching"
haoyang ma and hongyu guo
BigD294"Ocean Data Quality Assessment through Outlier Detection-enhanced Active Learning"
Na Li, Yiyang Qi, Ruyue Xin, and Zhiming Zhao
BigD297"Quantitatively Evaluating the Validity of Contrastive Generators for Recourse"
Ian Howell, Eleanor Quint, and Hongfeng Yu
BigD306"gSPICE: Model-Based Event Shedding in Complex Event Processing"
Ahmad Slo, Sukanya Bhowmik, and Kurt Rothermel
BigD315"LogGPT: Log Anomaly Detection via GPT"
Xiao Han, Shuhan Yuan, and Mohamed Trabelsi
BigD316"[Vision Paper] Zero-shot Learning with Minimum Instruction to Extract Social Determinants and Family History from Clinical Notes using GPT Model"
Neel Jitesh Bhate, Ansh Mittal, Zhe He, and Xiao Luo
BigD317"SRN-SZ: Deep Leaning-Based Scientific Error-bounded Lossy Compression with Super-resolution Neural Networks"
Jinyang Liu, Sheng Di, Sian Jin, Kai Zhao, Xin Liang, Zizhong Chen, and Franck Cappello
BigD318"KMIC: A Knowledge-aware Recommendation with Multivariate Intentions Contrastive Learning"
Yingtao Peng, Zhendong Zhao, Tangpeng Dan, Pengnian Qi, Aishan Maoliniyazi, and Xiaofeng Meng
BigD321"Fast Heavy Inner Product Identification Between Weights and Inputs in Neural Network Training"
Lianke Qin, Saayan Mitra, Zhao Song, Yuanyuan Yang, and Tianyi Zhou
BigD331"MobiSpaces: An Architecture for Energy-Efficient Data Spaces for Mobility Data"
Christos Doulkeridis, Georgios Santipantakis, Nikolaos Koutroumanis, George Makridis, Vasilis Koukos, George Theodoropoulos, Yannis Theodoridis, Dimosthenis Kyriazis, Pavlos Kranas, Diego Burgos, Ricardo Jimenez-Peris, Mariana Duarte, Mahmoud Sakr, Esteban Zimanyi, Anita Graser, Clemens Heistracher, Kristian Torp, Ioannis Chrysakis, Theofanis Orphanoudakis, Evgenia Kapassa, Marios Touloupou, Juergen Neises, Petros Petrou, Sophia Karagiorgou, Rosario Catelli, Domenico Messina, Marcelo Corrales Compagnucci, and Matteo Falsetta
BigD344"Integrating Noisy Knowledge into Language Representations for E-Commerce Applications"
Karan Samel, Jun Ma, Zhengyang Wang, Tong Zhao, and Irfan Essa
BigD350"A Robust Classifier under Missing-Not-at-Random Sample Selection Bias"
Huy Mai, Wen Huang, Wei Du, and Xintao Wu
BigD351"CTT: Causally Informed Tensor Train Decomposition"
Mao-Lin Li, K. Selçuk Candan, and Maria Luisa Sapino
BigD363"PGAN-KD:Member Privacy Protection of GANs Based on Knowledge Distillation"
Zhang Tianhan, Yu Juan, Han Jianmin, and Peng Hao
BigD365"Humor Level Recognition Based on Prompt Learning and Contrastive Learning"
Shaowu Zhang, Xijun Cui, Tongyue Zhang, Hongfei Lin, and Liang Yang
BigD367"SASTDGCN: Self-Attention Based Spatial-Temporal Double Graph Convolutional Networks for Traffic Flow Forecasting"
Jingjia Wan and Yu Wu
BigD370"A vHPC-Based Abnormal Behavior Detection Method in Virtualization Environment"
Luxin Zheng, Jian Zhang, Faxin Lin, and Xiangyi Wang
BigD374"Predicting Linguistically Sophisticated Social Determinants of Health Disparities with Neural Networks: The Case of LGBTQ+ Minority Stress"
Cory Cascalheira, Santosh Chapagain, Ryan Flinn, Yuxuan Zhao, Soukaina Boubrahimi, Dannie Klooster, Alejandra Gonzalez, Emily Lund, Danica Laprade, Jillian Scheer, and Shah Hamdi
BigD380"Transferring Lottery Tickets in Computer Vision Models: a Dynamic Pruning Approach"
Qisheng He and Ming Dong
BigD382"Learning Pruned Structure and Weights Simultaneously from Scratch: an Attention based Approach"
Qisheng He, Weisong Shi, and Ming Dong
BigD383"Active Data Reconstruction Attacks in Vertical Federated Learning"
Minh Vu, Tre' Jeter, Raed Alharbi, and my thai
BigD384"MS-BioGraphs: Sequence Similarity Graph Datasets"
Mohsen Koohi Esfahani, Paolo Boldi, Hans Vandierendonck, Peter Kilpatrick, and Sebastiano Vigna
BigD386"Efficient Missing Value Imputation by Maximum Distance Likelihood"
Savong Bou, Toshiyuki Amagasa, Hiroyuki Kitagawa, Salman Ahmed Shaikh, and Akiyoshi Matono
BigD395"An Analysis of Combined Data Augmentation in Time Series Prediction Tasks Using Discrete Wavelet Multilevel Decomposition"
Yuewen Shen, Xinhao Yang, Jiayu Zhao, and Ze Li
BigD402"Feature Acquisition Using Monte Carlo Tree Search"
Sungsoo Lim, Diego Klabjan, and Mark Shapiro
BigD403"Multi-layer Caching and Parallel Streaming for Large Scale Cloud Optimized Point Cloud Data Visualization using WebGPU"
Pravin Poudel, Will Usher, and Steve Petruzza
BigD405"Data Integration Framework with Multi-source Big Data for Enhanced Forest Fire Prediction"
Parveen Kaur, Kshirasagar Naik, Richard Purcell, Srinivas Sampalli, Chung-Horng Lung, Marzia Zaman, and Abdul Mutakabbir
BigD406"Discern: Leveraging Knowledge Distillation to Generate High Resolution Soil Moisture Estimation from Coarse Satellite Data"
Abdul Matin, Paahuni Khandelwal, Shrideep Pallickara, and Sangmi Pallickara
BigD411"Qobra: Fast Verification of Transactional Serializability with Quantum Annealing"
Natsuki Hamada, Kazuhiro Saito, and Hideyuki Kawashima
BigD414"Autoencoders and Generative Adversarial Networks for Imbalanced Sequence Classification"
Stephanie Ger, Yegna Subramanian Jambunath, and Diego Klabjan
BigD419"Collaborative Denoising Shilling Attack for Recommendation Systems"
Xiaohao Liu, Hualin Zeng, Wenli Zhang, and Long Yang
BigD422"Improving the Utility of Differentially Private SGD by Employing Wavelet Transforms"
Kanishka Ranaweera, David Smith, Dinh Nguyen, Pubudu Pathirana, Ming Ding, Thierry Rakotoarivelo, and Aruna Senevirathne
BigD425"Improve interpretability of Information Bottlenecks for Attribution with Layer-wise Relevance Propagation"
Xiongren Chen, Jiuyong Li, Jixue Liu, Stefan Peters, Lin Liu, Thuc Duy Le, and Anthony Walsh
BigD430"Toward Efficient and Incremental Spectral Clustering via Parametric Spectral Clustering"
Jo-Chun Chen and Hung-Hsuan Chen
BigD432"Temporal Knowledge Graph Question Answering Models Enhanced with GAT"
Wenjuan Jiang and Yi Guo
BigD433"Contrastive Multi-view Learning for Graph Stucture Learning"
Kai Huang, Dengzhe Liang, He Wang, and Yuncheng Jiang
BigD437"Causal Associations between Temporal Events"
Nguyen Ho, Trinh Cong Le, Van Long Ho, Nguyen Tuong Huynh, and Linh Bao Ngo
BigD438"Chain-Based Outlier Detection for Complex Data Scenarios"
Huiwen Dong, Qing-Guo Wang, and Wei Ding
BigD439"Drift-aware Anomaly Detection for Non-stationary Time Series"
Yang Gao, Ying Li, Yang Li, Zunlei Feng, Mingli Song, Xinyu Wang, and Chun Chen
BigD441"Prompting Large Language Models for Topic Modeling"
Han Wang, Nirmalendu Prakash, Nguyen Khoi Hoang, Ming Shan Hee, Usman Naseem, and Roy Ka-Wei Lee
BigD443"Pseudo-Inverse Linear Discriminants for Highly Imbalanced Big Data Classification"
Daqi Gao and Xiaoqin Zhang
BigD445"Detecting and Classifying Changes in Traffic Rules using Induction Loop Data"
Aziza Zhanabatyrova, Clayton Leite, and Yu Xiao
BigD446"Constructing Knowledge Graph from Cyber Threat Intelligence Using Large Language Model"
Jiehui Liu and Jieyu Zhan
BigD450"Vision Paper: Leveraging Industrial Big Data – Past, Present, and Future of the World Wide Lab"
Mohamed Behery, Philipp Brauner, Felix Glawe, Istvan Koren, Martina Ziefle, and Gerhard Lakemeyer
BigD453"Vision Paper: Hyperspectral Analysis of Finger Skin for Inherently Resilient and Fair Biometric Systems"
Emanuela Marasco
BigD458"Label Hierarchy Alignment for Improved Hierarchical Text Classification"
Ashish Kumar and Durga Toshniwal
BigD461"Zooming into abnormal events in video conferencing"
Shmuel Horowitz, Dima Kagan, Galit Fuhrmann Alpert, and Michael Fire
BigD484"Fine-Grained Urban Population Distribution Estimation Using Image Super-Resolution Model with Rich Auxiliary Information [Vision Paper]"
Naoto Takeda, Akihiro Kobayashi, Yudai Yamazaki, and Daisuke Kamisaka
BigD490"ChimeraPy: A Scientific Distributed Streaming Framework for Real-time Multimodal Data Retrieval and Processing"
Eduardo Davalos, Umesh Timalsina, Yike Zhang, Jiayi Wu, Joyce Horn Fonteles, and Gautam Biswas
BigD497"Low-latency Visual Previews of Large Synchrotron Micro-CT Datasets"
Nicholas Tan Jerome, Suren Chilingaryan, Thomas van de Kamp, and Andreas Kopmann
BigD508"Ego-Network Transformer for Subsequence Classification in Time Series Data"
Chin-Chia Michael Yeh, Huiyuan Chen, Yujie Fan, Xin Dai, Yan Zheng, Vivian Lai, Junpeng Wang, Zhongfang Zhuang, Liang Wang, Wei Zhang, and Eamonn Keogh
BigD513"VHGN: Cooperative Multiagent Reinforcement Learning with Historical Information Graph"
Liu Jiahao, Xu Jiale, Bao Haijia, and Li Ya
BigD524"A Big Data Approach to Augmenting the Huff Model with Road Network and Mobility Data for Store Footfall Prediction"
Ming Hui Tan, Kar Way Tan, and Hoong Chuin Lau
BigD538"[Vision Paper] Self-configured Entity Resolution with pyJedAI"
Vasilis Efthymiou, Ekaterini Ioannou, Manos Karvounis, Manolis Koubarakis, Jakub Maciejewski, Konstantinos Nikoletos, George Papadakis, Dimitris Skoutas, Yannis Velegrakis, and Alexandros Zeakis
BigD545"[Vision Paper] Hypergraph Neural Networks for Time-series Forecasting"
Hongjie Chen, Ryan Rossi, Kanak Mahadik, Sungchul Kim, and Hoda Eldardiry
BigD548"YOLOv5s-BSS: A Novel Deep Neural Network for Crack Detection of Road Damage"
Conghua Wei, Xiaobo Zhang, Rong Li, Jixin Zhang, Zhehao Zhang, and Haonan Luo
BigD553"Practical Attack on Recommender System: From A Stealthy Perspective"
Hao Ma, Min Gao, Dingyi Gan, Yunhang Yao, Junwei Yin, and Junhao Wen
BigD562"Dual-Path Side Information Fusion for Sequential Recommendation"
Yu Zhang, Haiwei Pan, Kejia Zhang, Tianming Zhang, Qingquan Ren, and Wenjie Li
BigD564"Enhancing Radio Signals Classification with Complex Variation Deep Learning Models"
Nader Joojili, Zeinab Eskandari, Mohammed Abuibaid, Jun Steed Huang, M. Omair Shafiq, Alireza Yaghoobi, and Moa Dutta
BigD574"k-bitruss-Attributed Weighted Community Search on Attributed Weighted Bipartite Graphs"
Zuxuan Zhang, Hongxi Li, Kai Huang, and Yuncheng Jiang
BigD576"A Novel Approach for Deep Learning-Powered Forecasting of Market Bottoms in Cryptocurrency and Stock Trading"
Dulaj Dasanayake, Yasindu Dilshan, Kavishka Rathnaweera, Sapumal Ahangama, and Indika Perera
BigD578"Multiloss-Based Optimization for Time Series Data Augmentation"
Omar Bahri, Peiyu Li, Soukaina Filali Boubrahimi, and Shah Muhammad Hamdi
BigD579"Exploring Dementia Risk in Cardiovascular Patients Through AI-Enabled Big Data Analysis"
Shreya Iyer, Grazziela Figueredo, Blossom Stephan, Jacob Brain, Mario Siervo, Nadeem Qureshi, Ralph Kwame Akyea, and Stephen Kaptoge
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Dimitar Mišev, Mikhail Rodionychev, and Peter Baumann
BigD582"Comparing ML OCR Engines on Texts from 19th Century Written in the Romanian Transitional Script"
Marc Frîncu, Marius Penteliuc, Simina Frîncu, Gheorghe Bran, and Manuela Zănescu
BigD594"Interpretable Solar Flare Prediction with Sliding Window Multivariate Time Series Forests"
Anli Ji and Berkay Aydin
BigD598"Mining Large-Scale Knowledge Graphs for Chemical Reaction Fingerprints"
Blake Gaines, Minghu Song, and Jinbo Bi
BigD599"Fused Matrix K-means: A Fast K-means Optimization Approach"
Zizhong Chen, Kaiming Ouyang, and Vincent Tran
BigD607"PSQS: Parallel Semantic Querying Service for Self-describing File Formats"
Chenxu Niu, Wei Zhang, Suren Byna, and Yong Chen
BigD609"Foundational Data Space Models: Bridging the AI and Data Ecosystems [Vision Paper]"
Edward Curry, Tarek Zaarour, Rafiqul Haque, Mohan Timilsina, and Majjed Al-qatf
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Jonathan Bader, Nils Diedrich, Lauritz Thamsen, and Odej Kao
BigD617"Towards Open World Event Processing (Vision Paper)"
Edward Curry
BigD619"OLR-WA: Online Weighted Average Linear Regression in Multivariate Data Streams"
Mohammad Abu-Shaira, Alejandro Rodriguez, Greg Speegle, Ishfaq Ahmad, and Victor Sheng
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Bahadır Bilgin, Ali Sekmen, and Guy Sereff
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Weili Sun, Boyu Gao, Jiahao Chen, and Shuyan Huang
BigD648"Co-Tuning of Cloud Infrastructure and Distributed Data Processing Platforms"
Isuru Dharmadasa and Faheem Ullah
BigD657"CGP: Centroid-guided Graph Poisoning for Link Inference Attacks in Graph Neural Networks"
Haozhe Tian, Haibo Hu, and Qingqing Ye
BigD659"Vision Paper: Towards Bi-Level Out-of-Distribution Logical Reasoning on Knowledge Graphs"
Fatimah Alotaibi and Dawei Zhou
BigD660"SuperBlocking: An Efficient Blocking Technique for Record Linkage"
Joyanta Basak, Sartaj Sahni, and Sanguthevar Rajasekaran
BigD664"A Hybrid Method of Sentiment Analysis and Machine Learning Algorithm for the U.S. Presidential Election Forecasting"
Guocheng Feng, Kaihao Chen, Huaiyu Cai, and Zhijian Li
BigD679"A personalized privacy-preserving semi-centralized recommendation system"
Carson Leung and Qi Wen
BigD683"JPAVE: A Generation and Classification-based Model for Joint Product Attribute Prediction and Value Extraction"
Zhongfen Deng, Hao Peng, Tao Zhang, Shuaiqi Liu, Wenting Zhao, Yibo Wang, and Philip Yu
BigD687"Accelerating Multilingual Applications with In-memory Array Sharing"
Masanobu Nozawa, Satoshi Imamura, and Kenji Kono
BigD690"Cohesive Attention-Based Explanations for Sequences and Explainability in Presence of Event Types"
Stephanie Ger, Yegna Subramanian Jambunath, Diego Klabjan, and Jean Utke
BigD696"Maximum Flow on Highly Dynamic Graphs"
Juntong Luo, Scott Sallinen, and Matei Ripeanu
BigD697"Spatial-Temporal Flow Holistic Interaction Graph Convolution Network for Bidirectional Traffic Flow Forecasting"
Canyang ZHANG, Qi ZHENG, and Yaying ZHANG
BigD711"Federated Learning for Sparse Principal Component"
Sin Cheng Ciou, Pin Jui Chen, Elvin Y. Tseng, and Yuh-Jye Lee
BigD716"Causal Fairness-Guided Dataset Reweighting using Neural Networks"
Xuan Zhao, Klaus Broelemann, Salvatore Ruggieri, and Gjergji Kasneci
BigD717"CSER: Enhancing Cybersecurity Entity Recognition Through Multidimensional Feature Fusion"
Md Abu Marjan and Toshiyuk AMAGASA
BigD722"Verifying Relational Explanations: A Probabilistic Approach"
Abisha Thapa Magar, Anup Shakya, Somdeb Sarkhel, and Deepak Venugopal
BigD727"An Exploratory Study of Vulnerabilities in Big Data Systems"
Nikolas Tyllis, Faheem Ullah, and Muhammad Uzair
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Juliana Marie Agulto, Yeohan Lorenzo Noroña, Gian Carlo Gutierrez, Eric Benabaye, Macario II Cordel, Ann Franchesca Laguna, Jocelynn Cu, Joel Ilao, and Geanne Franco
BigD740"RAxC: Reflexivity-based Approximate Computing techniques for efficient remote sensing"
Aaditi Kapre, Shruti Kunde, Sparsh Mittal, and Rekha Singhal
BigD752"Sailfish: A Dependency-Aware and Resource Efficient Scheduling for Low Latency in Clouds"
Jinwei Liu, Yingjie Lao, Ying Mao, and Rajkumar Buyya
BigD754"Big Data Management System Architectures: From Opportunities to Challenges [Vision]"
Radhika Joshi, Calvin Dani, and Shiva Jahangiri
BigD757"M2-Mixer: A Multimodal Mixer with Multi-head Loss for Classification from Multimodal Data"
Grigor Bezirganyan, Sana Sellami, Laure Berti-Équille, and Sébastien Fournier
BigD763"Analyzing Threat Vector in ICS Cyberattacks"
Ismael Villanueva-Miranda and Monika Akbar
BigD771"Distributed Quantum Learning with co-Management in a Multi-tenant Quantum System"
Anthony D'Onofrio Jr., Amir Hossain, Lesther Santana, Naseem Machlovi, Samuel Stein, Jinwei Liu, Ang Li, and Ying Mao