IEEE Big Data 2020 Accepted Papers

1. Big Data Science and Foundations

Paper IDRegular Papers
BigD273"Connecting MapReduce Computations to Realistic Machine Models" Peter Sanders
BigD274"“To Tell You the Truth” by Interval-Private Data" Jie Ding and Bangjun Ding
BigD321"Applications of Particle Swarm Optimization to System Identification and Supervised Learning" Noah Schwalb and Edward Schwalb
BigD345"State Action Separable Reinforcement Learning" Ziyao Zhang, Liang Ma, Kin K. Leung, Konstantinos Poularakis, and Mudhakar Srivatsa
BigD369"Asynchronous Online Federated Learning for EdgeDevices with Non-IID Data" Yujing chen, Yue Ning, Martin Slawski, and Huzefa Rangwala
BigD449"Unsupervised Drift Detection on High-speed Data Streams" Vinicius Souza, Farhan Chowdhury, and Abdullah Mueen
BigD456"An Adversarial Domain Separation Framework for Septic Shock Early Prediction Across EHR Systems" Farzaneh Khoshnevisan and Min Chi
BigD493"A theoretical analysis of graph evolution caused by triadic closure and algorithmic implications" Sara Ahmadian and Shahrzad Haddadan
BigD565"Improving Model Training by Periodic Sampling over Weight Distributions" Samarth Tripathi, Jiayi Liu, Sauptik Dhar, Unmesh Kurup, and Mohak Shah
BigD570"Combining Multiple Implicit-Explicit Interactions for Regression Analysis" Minkyu Kim, Suan Lee, and Jinho Kim
BigD651"TadGAN: Time Series Anomaly Detection Using Generative Adversarial Networks" Alexander Geiger, Dongyu Liu, Sarah Alnegheimish, Alfredo Cuesta-Infante, and Kalyan Veeramachaneni
BigD708"Augmenting Deep Learning with Relational Knowledge from Markov Logic Networks" Mohammad Maminur Islam, Somdeb Sarkhel, and Deepak Venugopal
BigD738"GEDet: Adversarially Learned Few-shot Detection of Erroneous Nodes in Graphs" Sheng Guan, Peng Lin, Hanchao Ma, and Yinghui Wu
Paper IDShort Papers
BigD224"Scale-Aware Graph-Based Machine Learning for Accurate Molecular Property Prediction" Gyoung S. Na
BigD354"Consensus Variational and Monte Carlo Algorithms for Bayesian Nonparametric Clustering" Yang Ni, David Jones, and Zeya Wang
BigD370"Optimization of Graph Neural Networks with Natural Gradient Descent" Mohammad Rasool Izadi, Yihao Fang, Robert Stevenson, and Lizhen Lin
BigD386"Sketches: Fast Membership Scans for Continuous Variable Predicate Workloads." Edward Schwalb
BigD397"Combining Global and Sequential Patterns for Multivariate Time Series Forecasting" Zhaoxi Li, Hongyan Liu, Jun He, and Xiaoyong Du
BigD452"Forecasting with Multiple Seasonality" Tianyang Xie and Jie Ding
BigD459"The Canonical Interval Forest (CIF) Classifier for Time Series Classification" Matthew Middlehurst, James Large, and Anthony Bagnall
BigD471"A Non-linear Function-on-Function Model for Regression with Time Series Data" Qiyao Wang, Haiyan Wang, Chetan Gupta, Aniruddha Rajendra Rao, and Hamed Khorasgani
BigD517"Robust Adversarial Active Learning with a Novel Diversity Constraint" Chengbin Sun, Hailong Sun, and Xudong Liu
BigD641"BurstPU: Classification of Weakly Labeled Datasets with Sequential Bias" Walter Gerych, Luke Buquicchio, Kavin Chandrasekaran, Abdulaziz Alajaji, Hamid Mansoor, Aidan Murphy, Elke Rundensteiner, and Emmanuel Agu
BigD645"Understanding and Detecting Convergence for Stochastic Gradient Descent with Momentum" Jerry Chee and Ping Li
BigD672"A Predictive Analytics Framework for Insider Trading Events" Taruna Seth and Vipin Chaudhary
BigD693"General Domain Adaptation Through Proportional Progressive Pseudo Labeling" Mohammad Hashemi and Eric Keller
BigD695"Neural Network Training Techniques Regularize Optimization Trajectory: An Empirical Study" Cheng Chen, Junjie Yang, and Yi Zhou
BigD749"Fast and Accurate Tensor Decomposition without a High Performance Computing Machine" Huan He, YuanZhe Xi, and Joyce C Ho

2. Big Data Infrastructure

Paper IDRegular Papers
BigD211"ReSpark: Automatic Caching for Iterative Applications in Apache Spark" Michael Mior and Kenneth Salem
BigD228"Improved Data Locality Using Morton-order Curve on the Example of LU Decomposition" Martin Perdacher, Claudia Plant, and Christian Böhm
BigD243"Evaluating the Accuracy of Cloud NLP Services Using Ground-Truth Experiments" Frank Pallas, Dimitri Staufer, and Jörn Kuhlenkamp
BigD325"HeAT - a Distributed and GPU-accelerated Tensor Framework for Data Analytics" Markus Goetz, Charlotte Debus, Daniel Coquelin, Kai Krajsek, Claudia Comito, Philipp Knechtges, Bjoern Hagemeier, Michael Tarnawa, Simon Hanselmann, Martin Siggel, Achim Basermann, and Achim Streit
BigD355"Towards Self-Tuning Parameter Servers" Chris Liu, Pengfei Zhang, Bo Tang, Hang Shen, Ziliang Lai, Eric Lo, and Korris Chung
BigD408"Extensible Data Skipping" Paula Ta-Shma, Guy Khazma, Gal Lushi, and Oshrit Feder
BigD494"Lightweight, Embeddings Based Storage and Model Construction Over Satellite Data Collections" Kevin Bruhwiler, Paahuni Khandelwal, Daniel Rammer, Samuel Armstrong, Sangmi Lee Pallickara, and Shrideep Pallickara
BigD512"OverSketched Newton: Fast Convex Optimization for Serverless Systems" Vipul Gupta, Swanand Kadhe, Thomas Courtade, Michael Mahoney, and Kannan Ramchandran
BigD514"Large-Scale Intelligent Microservices" Mark Hamilton, Nick Gonsalves, Christina Lee, Anand Raman, Brendan Walsh, Siddhartha Prasad, Dalitso Banda, Lucy Zhang, Lei Zhang, and William Freeman
BigD529"Accelerating the Configuration Tuning of Big Data Analytics with Similarity-aware Multitask Bayesian Optimization" Ayat Fekry, Lucian Carata, Thomas Pasquier, and Andrew Rice
BigD548"HReplica: A Dynamic Data Replication Engine with Adaptive Compression for Multi-Tiered Storage" Hariharan Devarajan, Anthony Kougkas, and Xian-He Sun
BigD646"|PB&J| - Easy Automation of Data Science/Machine Learning Workflows" Buvaneswari Ramanan, Lawrence Drabeck, Thomas Woo, Troy Cauble, and Anil Rana
BigD726"NeuroKube: An Automated and Autoscaling Image Reconstruction Framework using Manifold Learning" Matthew Madany, Kyle Marcus, Steven Peltier, Mark H. Ellisman, and Ilkay Altintas
Paper IDShort Papers
BigD214"Massively Parallel Random Number Generation" Christian Böhm and Claudia Plant
BigD258"A Shared Memory Cache Layer across Multiple Executors in Apache Spark" Wei Rang, Donglin Yang, and Dazhao Cheng
BigD346"Enhancing Open-Set Recognition using Clustering-based Extreme Value Machine (C-EVM)" James Henrydoss, Steve Cruz, Chunchun Li, Manuel Gunther, and Terrance E Boult
BigD412"Highly-Scalable Container Integrity Monitoring for Large-Scale Kubernetes Cluster" Hirokuni Kitahara, Kugamoorthy Gajananan, and Yuji Watanabe
BigD415"DSCEP: An Infrastructure for Decentralized Semantic Complex Event Processing" Vitor Almeida, Sukanya Bhowmik, Guilherme Lima, Markus Endler, and Kurt Rothermel
BigD438"An Adaptive Layer Expansion Algorithm for Efficient Training of Deep Neural Networks" Leo Chen, Pangfeng Liu, and Jan-Jan Wu
BigD503"Comprehensive Comparison of LSM Architectures for Spatial Data" Qizhong Mao, Mohiuddin Abdul Qader, and Vagelis Hristidis
BigD562"Chiron: Optimizing Fault Tolerance in QoS-aware Distributed Stream Processing Jobs" Morgan Geldenhuys, Lauritz Thamsen, and Odej Kao
BigD569"Translation of Array-Based Loops to Spark SQL" Md Hasanuzzaman Noor and Leonidas Fegaras
BigD598"Extending the R Language with a Scalable Matrix Summarization Operator" Sikder Tahsin Al Amin, Siva Uday Sampreeth Chebolu, and Carlos Ordonez
BigD619"A Genetic Optimization Physical Planner for Big Data Warehouses" Soumia Benkrid, Yacine Mestoui, Ladjel Bellatreche, and Carlos Ordonez
BigD633"Effectively Using Remote I/O For Work Composition in Distributed Workflows" Ryan Friese, Burcu Mutlu, Nathan Tallent, Joshua Suetterlein, and Jan Strube
BigD654"BEAD: Batched Evaluation of Iterative Graph Queries with Evolving Analytics Demands" Abbas Mazloumi, Chengshuo Xu, Zhijia Zhao, and Rajiv Gupta
BigD745"HyGN: Hybrid Graph Engine for NUMA" Tanuj Aasawat, Tahsin Reza, Kazuki Yoshizoe, and Matei Ripeanu

3. Big Data Management

Paper IDRegular Papers
BigD278"C-SMOTE: Continuous Synthetic Minority Oversampling for Evolving Data Streams" Alessio Bernardo, Heitor Murilo Gomes, Jacob Montiel, Bernhard Pfahringer, Albert Bifet, and Emanuele Della Valle
BigD294"Efficient Record Linkage in Data Streams" Dimitrios Karapiperis, Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis, and Vassilios Verykios
BigD353"An Evaluation of Backpropagation Interpretability for Graph Classification with Deep Learning" Kenneth Teo Tian Shun, Eko Edita Limanta, and Arijit Khan
BigD364"A Regularized Model to Trade-off between Accuracy and Diversity in a News Recommender System" Shaina Raza and Chen Ding
BigD402"On Efficiently Processing Business Lineage Queries" Himanshu Gupta, Rajmohan C, Sameep Mehta, and Kiran Pulapa
BigD510"ExNav: An Interactive Big Data Exploration Framework for Big Unstructured Data" Xiaoyu Ge, Xiaozhong Zhang, and Panos Chrysanthis
BigD540"Cost-Aware Influence Maximization in Multi-Attribute Networks" Iouliana Litou and Vana Kalogeraki
BigD542"FP-ExtVP: Accelerating Distributed SPARQL Queries by Exploiting Load-adaptive Partitioning" Jiamin Lu, Cheng Yang, Bingfa Wang, and Jun Feng
BigD617"PYHESSIAN: Neural Networks Through theLens of the Hessian" Zhewei Yao, Amir Gholami, Kurt Keutzer, and Michael Mahoney
BigD622"Raptor Zonal Statistics : Fully Distributed Zonal Statistics of Big Raster + Vector Data" Samriddhi Singla and Ahmed Eldawy
BigD702"On the Mining of the Minimal Set of Time Series Data Shapelets" Soukaina Filali Boubrahimi, Shah Muhammad Hamdi, Ruizhe Ma, and Rafal Angryk
Paper IDShort Papers
BigD293"Inventory Based Recommendation Algorithms" Du Chen, Yuming Deng, Guangrui Ma, Hao Ge, Yunwei Qi, Ying Rong, Xun Zhang, and Huan Zheng
BigD332"ExFaux: A Weakly Supervised Approach to Explainable Fauxtography Detection" Ziyi Kou, Daniel Zhang, Lanyu Shang, and Dong Wang
BigD420"Topic-Centric Unsupervised Multi-Document Summarization of Scientific and News Articles" Amanuel Alambo, Cori Lohstroh, Erik Madaus, Swati Padhee, Brandy Foster, Tanvi Banerjee, Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan, and Michael Raymer
BigD445"A new heuristic algorithm for fast k-segmentation" Sabarish Vadarevu and Vijay Karamcheti
BigD451"Self-supervised Hierarchical Graph Neural Network for Graph Representation" Sambaran Bandyopadhyay, Manasvi Aggarwal, and M. Narasimha Murty
BigD468"Semi-Supervised Learning and Feature Fusion for Multi-view Data Clustering" Hadi Salman and Justin Zhan
BigD526"StreamTeam-Football: Analyzing Football Matches in Real-Time on the Basis of Position Streams" Lukas Probst, Heiko Schuldt, Philipp Seidenschwarz, and Martin Rumo
BigD627"Massively Parallel Graph Drawing and Representation Learning" Christian Böhm and Claudia Plant
BigD629"AutoML for Stream k-Nearest Neighbors Classification" Maroua Bahri, Bruno Veloso, Albert Bifet, and Joao Gama
BigD701"Efficient Constrained Subgraph Extraction for Exploratory Discovery in Large Knowledge Graphs" Sidan Gao, Nodirbek Korchiev, Vodelina Samatova, and Kemafor Anyanwu

4. Big Data Search and Mining

Paper IDRegular Papers
BigD230"Graph Clustering with Embedding Propagation" Carl Yang, Liyuan Liu, Mengxiong Liu, Zongyi Wang, Chao Zhang, and Jiawei Han
BigD232"Basket Recommendation with Multi-Intent Translation Graph Neural Network" Zhiwei Liu, Xiaohan Li, Ziwei Fan, Stephen Guo, Kannan Achan, and Philip S. Yu
BigD255"Ranking on Network of Heterogeneous Information Networks" Zhe Xu, Si Zhang, Yinglong Xia, Liang Xiong, and Hanghang Tong
BigD257"Communication-Efficient Local Stochastic Gradient Descent for Scalable Deep Learning" Sunwoo Lee, Qiao Kang, Ankit Agrawal, Alok Choudhary, and Wei-keng Liao
BigD260"Pattern-enhanced Named Entity Recognition with Distant Supervision" Xuan Wang, Yingjun Guan, Yu Zhang, Qi Li, and Jiawei Han
BigD261"Textual Evidence Mining via Spherical Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding" Xuan Wang, Yu Zhang, Aabhas Chauhan, Qi Li, and Jiawei Han
BigD301"Dynamic Chunkwise CNN for Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction" Fangbing Liu and Qing Wang
BigD324"VizObj2Vec: Contextual Representation Learning for Visual Objects in Video-frames" Ahnaf Farhan and M. Shahriar Hossain
BigD341"App-Aware Response Synthesis for User Reviews" Umar Farooq, A.B. Siddique, Fuad Jamour, Zhijia Zhao, and Vagelis Hristidis
BigD368"Learning Similarity-Preserving Meta-Embedding for Text Mining" Jidapa Thadajarassiri, Cansu Sen, Thomas Hartvigsen, Xiangnan Kong, and Elke Rundensteiner
BigD373"Unsupervised Multiple Network Alignment with Multinominal GAN and Variational Inference" Yang Zhou, Jiaxiang Ren, Ruoming Jin, Zijie Zhang, Dejing Dou, and Da Yan
BigD400"Hypergraph Attention Isomorphism Network by Learning Line Graph Expansion" Sambaran Bandyopadhyay, Kishalay Das, and M. Narasimha Murty
BigD419"Analyzing Web Search Behavior for Software Engineering Tasks" Nikitha Rao, Chetan Bansal, Thomas Zimmermann, Ahmed Hassan Awadallah, and Nachiappan Nagappan
BigD423"Practical Range Counting over Data Streams" Ran Bai, Ziliang Lai, Eric Lo, Wing-Kai Hon, and Pengfei Zhang
BigD450"An Unsupervised Misinformation Detection Framework to Analyze the Users using COVID-19 Twitter Data" Aarzoo Dhiman and Durga Toshniwal
BigD454"AML-SVM: Adaptive Multilevel Learning with Support Vector Machines" Ehsan Sadrfaridpour, Korey Palmer, and Ilya Safro
BigD485"Supervised Topic Compositional Neural Language Model for Clinical Narrative Understanding" Xiao Qin, Cao Xiao, Tengfei Ma, Tabassum Kakar, Susmitha Wunnava, Xiangnan Kong, Elke Rundensteiner, and Fei Wang
BigD521"A Comprehensive and Adversarial Approach to Unsupervised Embedding Learning" Yi-Zhan Hsu, Sungwon Han, Sungwon Park, Meeyoung Cha, and Cheng-Te Li
BigD594"TI-GCN: A Dynamic Network Embedding Method with Time Interval Information" Yali Xiang, Yun Xiong, and Yangyong Zhu
BigD668"The Role of Citizens in Countering Misinformation: A Case Study of COVID-19 Infodemic" Nicholas Micallef, Bing He, Srijan Kumar, Mustaque Ahamad, and Nasir Memon
BigD731"GLIMA: Global and Local Time Series Imputation with Multi-directional Attention Learning" Qiuling Suo, Weida Zhong, Guangxu Xun, Jianhui Sun, Changyou Chen, and Aidong Zhang
BigD740"Mapping Network States using Connectivity Queries" Alexander Rodriguez, Bijaya Adhikari, Andres D. Gonzalez, Charles Nicholson, Anil Vullikanti, and B. Aditya Prakash
Paper IDShort Papers
BigD252"Adaptive Community Search in Dynamic Networks" Ioanna Tsalouchidou, Francesco Bonchi, and Baeza-Yates Ricardo
BigD307"TabSim: A Siamese Neural Network for Accurate Estimation of Table Similarity" Maryam Habibi, Johannes Starlinger, and Ulf Leser
BigD358"Efficient Computing of PageRank Scores on Exact Expected Transition Matrix of Large Uncertain Graph" Takayasu Fushimi, Kazumi Saito, Kouzou Ohara, Masahiro Kimura, and Hiroshi Motoda
BigD360"AutoAudit: Mining Accounting and Time-Evolving Graphs" Meng-Chieh Lee, Yue Zhao, Aluna Wang, Pierre Jinghong Liang, Leman Akoglu, Vincent S. Tseng, and Christos Faloutsos
BigD361"Co-Embedding Attributed Networks with External Knowledge" Pei-Chi Lo and Ee-Peng Lim
BigD399"Fusion-3DCNN-PFP: A dynamic system for discovering patterns of predicted congestion" Minh-Son Dao, Ngoc-Thanh Nguyen, Rage Uday Kiran, and Koji Zettsu
BigD426"GAMIT: A New Encoder-Decoder Framework with Graphical Space and Multi-grained Time for Traffic Predictions" Zhixiang He, Chi-Yin Chow, and Jia-Dong Zhang
BigD431"A Hybrid Deep Model for Learning to Rank Data Tables" Mohamed Trabelsi, Zhiyu Chen, Brian D. Davison, and Jeff Heflin
BigD457"MLANE: Meta-Learning Based Adaptive Network Embedding" Chen Cui, Ning Yang, and Philip S. Yu
BigD463"Drift-Aware Multi-Memory Model for Imbalanced Data Streams" Amir Abolfazli and Eirini Ntoutsi
BigD477"Characterizing and Utilizing the Interplay Between Core and Truss Decompositions" Penghang Liu and Ahmet Erdem Sarıyüce
BigD482"A Simple, Effective and Extendible Approach to Deep Multi-task Learning" Yang Gao, Yi-Fan Li, Yu Lin, Hemeng Tao, and Latifur Khan
BigD488"Piaget: A Probabilistic Inference Approach for Geolocating Historical Buildings" Sasan Tavakkol, Cyrus Shahabi, Feng Han, and Raimondas Kiveris
BigD500"Temporal Graph Neural Networks for Social Recommendation" Ting Bai, Youjie Zhang, Bin Wu, and Jian-Yun Nie
BigD550"A Hybrid Salient Object Detection with Global Context Awareness" Minglin Hong, Xiaolin Li, Jing Wang, Haiyang He, and Shiguo Huang
BigD560"Leveraging Natural Language Processing to Mine Issues on Twitter During the COVID-19 Pandemic" Ankita Agarwal, Preetham Salehundam, Swati Padhee, William L. Romine, and Tanvi Banerjee
BigD568"A Proficient Spelling Analysis Method Applied to Herbal and Dietary Supplement Discovery in a Large Clinical Corpus" Terri Workman, Yijun Shao, Guy Divita, and Qing Zeng-Treitler
BigD623"An Optimized Graph-based Clustering for Multi-database Mining" SALIM MILOUDI, Yulin Wang, and Ding Wenjia
BigD635"MOIRE: Mixed-Order Poisson Regression towards Fine-grained Urban Anomaly Detection at Nationwide Scale" Masamichi Shimosaka, Kota Tsubouchi, Yanru Chen, Yoshiaki Ishihara, and Junichi Sato
BigD649"Instance Matching in Knowledge Graphs Through Dynamic, Distributed and Affinity-Preserving Random Walk" Ali Assi, Mohamed Elati, and Wajdi Dhifli
BigD655"Sketch and Scale: Geo-distributed tSNE and UMAP" Viska Wei, Nikita Ivkin, Vladimir Braverman, and Alexander Szalay

5. Big Data Security, Privacy and Trust

Paper IDRegular Papers
BigD316"FairFL: A Fair Federated Learning Approach to Reducing Demographic Bias in Privacy-Sensitive Classification Models" Daniel Zhang, Ziyi Kou, and Dong Wang
BigD489"A Study of Self-Privacy Violations in Online Public Discourse" Prasanna Umar, Anna Squicciarini, and Sarah Rajtmajer
BigD497"Privacy-Aware Federated Learning for Page Recommendation" Shuai Zhao, Roshani Bharati, Cristian Borcea, and Yi Chen
BigD544"Stochastic Adaptive Line Search for Differentially Private Optimization" Chen Chen and Jaewoo Lee
BigD552"Towards an Open Format for Scalable System Telemetry" Teryl Taylor, Frederico Araujo, and Xiaokui Shu
BigD572"Automating Domain Squatting Detection Using Representation Learning" Pablo Loyola, Kugamoorthy Gajananan, Hirokuni Kitahara, Yuji Watanabe, and Fumiko Satoh
BigD687"Broadening Differential Privacy for Deep Learning Against Model Inversion Attacks" Qiuchen Zhang, Jing Ma, Yonghui Xiao, Jian Lou, and Li Xiong
Paper IDShort Papers
BigD351"Detecting and Mitigating Adversarial Attacks Through Robust Feature Alignment" Scott Freitas, Shang-Tse Chen, Zijie Wang, and Duen Horng Chau
BigD393"MBead: Semi-supervised Multilabel BehaviourAnomaly Detection on Multivariate TemporalSensory Data" Suwen Lin, Louis Faust, Sidney D'Mello, Gonzalo Martinez, and Nitesh Chawla
BigD689"Towards Training Robust Private Aggregation of Teacher Ensembles Under Noisy Labels" Qiuchen Zhang, Jing Ma, Jian Lou, Li Xiong, and Xiaoqian Jiang
BigD724"Gaussian Function On Response Surface Estimation" Mohammadhossein Toutiaee and John Miller

6. Hardware/OS Acceleration for Big Data

Paper IDShort Papers
BigD437"Acceleration of large deep learning training with hybrid GPU memory management of swapping and re-computing" Haruki Imai, Tung D. Le, Yasushi Negishi, and Kiyokuni Kawachiya

7. Big Data Applications

Paper IDRegular Papers
BigD242"Prognostication and Outcome-specific Risk Factor Identification for Diabetes Care via Private-shared Multi-task Learning" Bin Liu, Ying Li, and Kenney Ng
BigD283"Sequence Matching with Discriminative Binary Features for Robust and Fast Light-Rail Localization at High Frame Rate" TINGXIAN WANG, KEBIN JIA, and MENG YAO
BigD331"Crash prediction for a french highway network with an XAI-informed Bayesian hierarchical model" Thomas Veran, Pierre-Edouard Portier, and François Fouquet
BigD371"Automated Machine Learning for the Classification of Normal and Abnormal Electromyography Data" Marios Kefalas, Milan Koch, Victor Geraedts, Hao Wang, Martijn Tannemaat, and Thomas Bäck
BigD376"Learn to Earn: Enabling Coordination Within a Ride-Hailing Fleet" Harshal Chaudhari, John Byers, and Evimaria Terzi
BigD379"BELT: A Pipeline for Stock Price Prediction Using News" Yingzhe Dong, Da Yan, Abdullateef Ibrahim Almudaifer, Sibo Yan, Zhe Jiang, and Yang Zhou
BigD411"Valuing Player Actions in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" Peter Xenopoulos, Harish Doraiswamy, and Claudio Silva
BigD418"Leveraging an Efficient and Semantic Location Embedding to Seek New Ports of Bike Share Services" Yuan Wang, Chenwei Wang, Yinan Ling, Keita Yokoyama, Hsin-Tai Wu, and Yi Fang
BigD465"Identifying FinTech Innovations Using BERT" Doina Caragea, Mark Chen, Theodor Cojoianu, Mihai Dobri, Kyle Glandt, and George Mihaila
BigD567"Heterogeneous Similarity Graph Neural Network on Electronic Health Record" Zheng Liu, Xiaohan Li, Lifang He, Hao Peng, and Philip Yu
BigD586"MuLan: Multilevel Language-based Representation Learning for Disease Progression Modeling" Hyunwoo Sohn, Kyungjin Park, and Min Chi
BigD592"A Monotonic State-Space Model for Career Path Modeling and Recommendation" Aritra Ghosh and Andrew Lan
BigD638"Creating Realistic Power Distribution Networks using Interdependent Road Infrastructure" Rounak Meyur, Madhav Marathe, Anil Vullikanti, Henning Mortveit, Samarth Swarup, Virgilio Centeno, and Arun Phadke
BigD678"Distributed de novo assembler for large-scale long-read datasets" Sayan Goswami, Kisung Lee, and Seung-Jong Park
BigD679"Anomaly Detection in Edge Nodes using Sparsity Profile" Aekyeung Moon, Xiaoyan Zhuo, Jialing Zhang, Seung Woo Son, and Yun Jeong Song
BigD713"Structure Prediction from Neutron Scattering Profiles: A Data Sciences Approach" Cristina Garcia-Cardona, Ramakrishnan Kannan, Travis Johnston, Thomas Proffen, and Sudip Seal
BigD742"EPIC30M: An Epidemics Corpus Of Over 30 Million Relevant Tweets" Junhua Liu, Trisha Singhal, Lucienne T.M. Blessing, Kristin L. Wood, and Kwan Hui Lim
BigD744"Generating Realistic COVID19 X-rays with a Mean Teacher + Transfer Learning GAN" Sumeet Menon, Joshua Galita, David Chapman, Aryya Gangopadhyay, Jayalakshmi Mangalagiri, Phuong Nguyen, Yaacov Yesha, Yelena Yesha, Babak Saboury, and Michael Morris
Paper IDShort Papers
BigD245"Real-time Karaoke Recommendations : Session-based Multi-Task Recommendations with Multivariate RNNs" Shigeki Tanaka, Ryoki Wakamoto, and Yusuke Fukazawa
BigD259"Structured Dictionary Learning with Block Diagonal Regularization for Image Classification" Manman Xu, Runhua Jiang, Tao Wang, Di Wang, and Xiaoju Lu
BigD267"T-EGAT: A Temporal Edge Enhanced Graph Attention Network for Tax Evasion Detection" Yiyang Wang, Qinghua Zheng, Jianfei Ruan, Yuda Gao, and Bo Dong
BigD281"SMART: Emerging Activity Recognition with Limited Data for Multi-modal Wearable Sensing" Madhuri Ghorpade, Haiquan Chen, Yuhong Liu, and Zhe Jiang
BigD315"Segmentation and recognition of eating gestures from wrist motion using deep learning" Yadnyesh Luktuke and Adam Hoover
BigD327"Machine-learning-based People-flow Simulation for Facility Layout Planning" Satoshi Kuwamoto, Yu Kitano, and Akinori Asahara
BigD328"Identifying Failing Point Machines from Sensor-Free Train System Logs" Ying Yang, Xin Lou, Binbin Chen, Marianne Winslett, and Zbigniew Kalbarczyk
BigD334"ThanosNet: A Novel Trash Classification Method Using Metadata" Alan Sun and Harry Xiao
BigD362"Knowledge- and Data-driven Services for Energy Systems using Graph Neural Networks" Francesco Fusco, Bradley Eck, Robert Gormally, Mark Purcell, and Seshu Tirupathi
BigD384"Patient ADE Risk Prediction through Hierarchical Time-Aware Neural Network Using Claim Codes" Jinhe Shi, Xiangyu Gao, Chenyu Ha, Yage Wang, Guodong Gao, and Yi Chen
BigD394"MLAS: Metric Learning on Attributed Sequences" Zhongfang Zhuang, Xiangnan Kong, Elke Rundensteiner, Jihane Zouaoui, and Aditya Arora
BigD409"Dynamic Dispatching for Large-Scale Heterogeneous Fleet via Multi-agent Deep Reinforcement Learning" Chi Zhang, Philip Odonkor, Shuai Zheng, Hamed Khorasgani, Susumu Serita, Chetan Gupta, and Haiyan Wang
BigD422"MASTGN: Multi-Attention Spatio-Temporal Graph Networks for Air Pollution Prediction" peijiang zhao and Koji Zettsu
BigD464"Gaussian Mixture Graphical Lasso with Application to Edge Detection in Brain Networks" Hang Yin, Xinyue Liu, and Xiangnan Kong
BigD491"Analysis of Human Trafficking in North Carolina Based on Criminal Records: A Framework to Measure Human Trafficking Trends" Shafie Gholizadeh, Matthew Phillips, Maryam Tavakoli Hosseinabadi, Daisy Leon, and James Rozier
BigD515"r-LSTM: Time Series Forecasting for COVID-19 Confirmed Cases with LSTM-based Framework" Mohammad Masum, Hossain Shahriar, Hisham Haddad, and Md. Shafiul Alam
BigD589"A Simulation-based Approach for Large-scale Evacuation Planning" Kazi Ashik Islam, Madhav Marathe, Henning Mortveit, Samarth Swarup, and Anil Vullikanti
BigD607"Graph Neural Network Architecture Search for Molecular Property Prediction" Shengli Jiang and Prasanna Balaprakash
BigD620"Combined Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Hierarchical Classification of Images" Jaehoon Koo, Diego Klabjan, and Jean Utke
BigD657"From 5Vs to 6Cs: Operationalizing Epidemic Data Management with COVID-19 Surveillance" Akhil Sai Peddireddy, Dawen Xie, Pramod Patil, Mandy Wilson, Dustin Machi, Srinivasan Venkatramanan, Brian Klahn, Przemyslaw Porebski, Parantapa Bhattacharya, Shirish Dumbre, Erin Raymond, and Madhav Marathe
BigD698"Deep Domain Adaptation based Cloud Type Detection using Active and Passive Satellite Data" Xin Huang, Sahara Ali, Chenxi Wang, Zeyu Ning, Sanjay Purushotham, Jianwu Wang, and Zhibo Zhang
BigD719"Deep Learning for Surface Wave Identification in Distributed Acoustic Sensing Data" Vincent Dumont, Verónica Rodríguez Tribaldos, Jonathan Ajo-Franklin, and Kesheng Wu
BigD747"Knowledge Graph Enhanced Event Extraction" Kaihao Guo, Tianpei Jiang, and Haipeng Zhang

Industry & Government Regular Papers

Paper IDRegular Papers
N207Sören Stöhrmann, Vera Kamp, and Reinhard Moratz, The Conceptual Background of OPTIMIST's AI Module
N208Yuanzhe Bei, Thao Pham, Akshay Aggarwal, Nga Tran, Jaimin Dave, Chuck Bear, and Michael Leuchtenburg, Vertica Flattened Tables and Live Aggregate Projections: A Column-based Alternative to Materialized Views for Analytics
N209Masaharu Goto, Naoki Kobayashi, Gang Ren, and Mitsunori Ogihara, Scaling Up Heterogeneous Waveform Clustering for Long-Duration Monitoring Signal Acquisition, Analysis, and Interaction: Bridging Big Data Analytics with Measurement Instrument Usage Pattern
N210Junghoon Chae, Debsindhu Bhowmik, Heng Ma, Arvind Ramanathan, and Chad Steed, Visual Analytics for Deep Embeddings of Large Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations
N211Geert Janssen, Vladimir Zolotov, and Tung D. Le, Large Data Flow Graphs in Limited GPU Memory
N213Kareem Aggour, Vijay Kumar, Paul Cuddihy, Jenny Williams, Vipul Gupta, Laura Dial, Tim Hanlon, Justin Gambone, and Joseph Vinciquerra, Federated Multimodal Big Data Storage & Analytics Platform for Additive Manufacturing
N215Ishita Kamal Khan, Aritra Mandal, and Prathyusha Senthil Kumar, Contextual Price Features for e-Commerce Search Ranking
N216Xuan-Hong Dang, Syed Yousaf, and Petros Zerfos, Discovering Dynamic Dependencies from Multivariate Time Series
N218Yanzhao Wu, Ling Liu, Juhyun Bae, Ka-Ho Chow, Arun Iyengar, Calton Pu, Wenqi Wei, Lei Yu, and Qi Zhang, Demystifying Learning Rate Polices for High Accuracy Training of Deep Neural Networks
N219Xiao Zhang, Manish Marwah, I-ta Lee, Martin Arlitt, and Dan Goldwasser, ACE -- An Anomaly Contribution Explainer for Cyber-Security Applications
N220Qi Wang, Michal Siedlaczek, Yen-Yu Chen, Michael Gormish, and Torsten Suel, Forward Index Compression for Instance Retrieval in an Augmented Reality Application
N221Chandrika Kamath, Intelligent Exploration of Large-Scale Data: What Can We Learn in Two Passes?
N223Ljiljana Stojanovic, Nenad Stojanovic, Djuradj Gvozdenovic, and MIlan Stojanovic, Cognition-driven resolution of the unpredicted undesirabe situations in manufacturing processes: Tool Wear use case
N227Chaitanya Kanchibhotla, Pruthvi Raj Venkatesh, DVLN Somayajulu, and Radha krishna P, An Efficient Cloud-Based Framework for Digital Media Knowledge Extraction
N229Amey Agrawal, Abishek Dixit, Namrata Shettar, Darshil Kapadia, Vikram Agrawal, Rajat Gupta, and Rohit Karlupia, Delog: A High-Performance Privacy Preserving Log Filtering Framework
N230Baoxu Shi, Jaewon Yang, Tim Weninger, Jing How, and Qi He, Representation Learning in Heterogeneous Professional Social Networks with Ambiguous Social Connections
N232Philipp Ross and Andre Luckow, EdgeInsight: Characterizing and Modeling the Performance of Machine Learning Inference on the Edge and Cloud
N233Jingya Wang, Kareem Abdelfatah, Mohammed Korayem, and janani balaji, DeepCarotene - Job Title Classification with Multi-stream Convolutional Neural Network
N234Saurav Manchanda, Pranjul Yadav, Khoa Doan, and Keerthi Sathiya, Targeted display advertising: the case of preferential attachment
N235Xianshan Qu, Li Li, Xi Liu, Rui Chen, Yong Ge, and Soo-Hyun Choi, A Dynamic Neural Network Model for Click-Through Rate Prediction in Real-Time Bidding
N239Christian J. Mahoney, Jianping Zhang, Nathaniel Huber-fliflet, Peter Gronvall, and Haozhen Zhao, A Framework for Explainable Text Classification in Legal Document Review
N242Kajanan Sangaralingam, Nisha Verma, Aravind Ravi, and Su Won Bae, High Impact Customer Acquisition & Retention Modelling – A Scalable Data Mashup Approach
N243Guangyu Li, Bo Jiang, Zhengping Che, Xuefeng Shi, Mengyao Liu, Jieping Ye, and Yan Liu, D3-BUS: Human Driving Behavior Understanding System
N244Cen Chen, Chen Liang, Jianbin Lin, Li Wang, Ziqi Liu, Xinxing Yang, Jun Zhou, Yang Shuang, and Yuan Qi, InfDetect: a Large Scale Graph-based Fraud Detection System for E-Commerce Insurance
N245Nassia Daouayry, Ammar Mechouche, Pierre-Loic Maisonneuve, Vasile-Marian Scuturici and Jean-Marc Petit, Data-Centric Helicopter Failure Anticipation: The MGB Oil Pressure Virtual Sensor Case.
N246Miroslav Hodak, Maria Gorkovenko, and Ajay Dholakia, Towards Power Efficiency in Deep Learning on Data Center Hardware
N247Antoine Hébert, Timothée Guédon, Tristan Glatard, and Brigitte Jaumard, High-Resolution Road Vehicle Collision Prediction for the City of Montreal
N250Vivian Wen Hui Wong, Max Ferguson, Kincho H. Law, and Yung-Tsun Tina Lee, An Assistive Learning Workflow on Annotating Images for Object Detection
N254Ye Ouyang, Aidong Yang, Shuming Zeng and Fanyu Meng, MNP Inside Out: A Game Theory Assisted Machine Learning Model to Detect Subscriber Churn Behaviors under China’s Mobile Number Portability Policy
N256Amir Yaghoubi Shahir, Mohammad A. Tayebi, Uwe Glässer, Tilemachos Charalampous, Zahra Zohrevand, and Hans Wehn, Mining Vessel Trajectories for Illegal Fishing Detection
N257Pranjul Yadav, Michael Steinbach, M. Regina Castro, Pedro J. Caraballo, Vipin Kumar, and Gyorgy Simon, Frequent Causal Pattern Mining: A Computationally Efficient Framework For Estimating Bias-Corrected

Industry & Government Regular Papers

Paper IDRegular Papers
N203Masaharu Goto, Kiyoshi Chikamatsu, Naoki Kobayashi, Gang Ren, and Mitsunori Ogihara, Effective Detection of Rare Anomalies from Massive Waveform Data Using Heterogeneous Clustering
Author Email(s):,,,,
Contact Person: Masaharu Goto
N204Stefanos Antaris, Dimitrios Rafailidis, and Sarunas Girdzijauskas, EGAD: Evolving Graph Representation Learning with Self-Attention and Knowledge Distillation for Live Video Streaming Events
Author Email(s):,,
Contact Person: Stefanos Antaris
N207Unaiza Ahsan, Xiquan Cui, Rebecca West, Mingming Guo, San He Wu, and Khalifeh Al Jadda, Complementary Recommendations Using Deep Multi-modal Embeddings For Online Retail
Author Email(s):,,,,,
Contact Person: Unaiza Ahsan
N208Swarnim Narayan, Chepuri Krishna, Varun Mishra, Abhinav Rai, Himanshu Rai, Chandrakant Bharti, Gursirat Singh, Ashish Gupta, and Nitinbalaji Singh, Ultron-AutoML: an open-source, distributed, scalable framework for efficient hyper-parameter optimization
Author Email(s):,,,,,,,,
Contact Person: Swarnim Narayan
N209Xuning Tang, Yihua Astle, and Craig Freeman, Deep Anomaly Detection with Ensemble-Based Active Learning
Author Email(s):,,
Contact Person: Yihua Astle
N210Kenta Kanamori, Kota Tsubouchi, Junichi Sato, and Tatsuru Higurashi, Location YardStick: Calculation of the Location Data Value Depending on the Users' Context
Author Email(s):,,,
Contact Person: Kota Tsubouchi
N211Oren Somekh, Yair Koren, Avi Shahar, Anna Itzhaki, Tal Cohen, Milena Krasteva, and Tomer Shadi, Dynamic Creative Optimization in Verizon Media Native Advertising
Author Email(s):,,,,,,
Contact Person: Oren Somekh
N212Hao Jiang, Fan Yang, and Wutao Wei, Statistical Reasoning of Zero-Inflated Right-Skewed User-Generated Big Data A/B Testing
Author Email(s):,,
Contact Person: Hao Jiang
N213Kota Tsubouchi, Wataru Sasaki, Tadashi Okoshi, and Jin Nakazawa, Search Wandering Score: Predicting Timings of Online Shopping based on Wandering in User’s Web Search Queries
Author Email(s):,,,
Contact Person: Kota Tsubouchi
N214Paul Luo Li, Xiaoyu Chai, W. Duncan Wadsworth, Jilong Liao, and Brandon Paddock, Empirical Evaluation of Federated Learning with Local Privacy for Real-World Application
Author Email(s):,,,,
Contact Person: Paul Luo Li
N215Wang Zhou, Levente Klein, and Siyuan Lu, PAIRS AutoGeo: an Automated Machine Learning Framework for Massive Geospatial Data
Author Email(s):,,
Contact Person: Wang Zhou
N220Manzhu Yu, Julie Bessac, Ling Xu, Aryya Gangopadhyay, Yingxi Shi, and Jianwu Wang, Image segmentation for dust detection using semi-supervised machine learning
Author Email(s):,,,,,
Contact Person: Manzhu Yu
N221Shane Roach, Connie Ni, Alexei Kopylov, Tsai-Ching Lu, Jiejun Xu, Si Zhang, Boxin Du, Dawei Zhou, Jun Wu, Lihui Liu, Yuchen Yan, Jingrui He, and Hanghang Tong, CANON: Complex Analytics of Network of Networks for Modeling Adversarial Activities
Author Email(s):,,,,,,,,,,,,
Contact Person: Shane Roach
N225Boxiang Dong, Hui (Bill) Li, Yang (Ryan) Wang, and Rami Safadi, 2D-ATT: Causal Inference for Mobile Game Organic Installs with 2-Dimensional Attentional Neural Network
Author Email(s):,,,
Contact Person: Boxiang Dong
N228Paul Cuddihy, Jenny Williams, Vijay Kumar, Kareem Aggour, Andrew Crapo, and Sharad Dixit, FDC Cache: Semantics-driven Federated Caching and Querying for Big Data
Author Email(s):,,,,,
Contact Person: Kareem Aggour
N229Eva van Weenen and Stefan Feuerriegel, Estimating Risk-Adjusted Hospital Performance
Author Email(s):,
Contact Person: Eva van Weenen
N233Chin-Chia Michael Yeh, Zhongfang Zhuang, Yan Zheng, Liang Wang, Junpeng Wang, and Wei Zhang, Merchant Identity Recognization Using Credit Card Transactions
Author Email(s):,,,,,
Contact Person: Chin-Chia Michael Yeh
N236René Wöstmann, Philipp Schlunder, Fabian Temme, Ralf Klinkenberg, Josef Kimberger, Andrea Spichtinger, Markus Goldhacker, and Jochen Deuse, Conception of a Reference Architecture for Machine Learning in the Process Industry
Author Email(s):,,,,,,,
Contact Person: René Wöstmann
N237Emil Laftchiev, Qing Yan, and Daniel Nikovski, The Missing Input Problem
Author Email(s):,,
Contact Person: Emil Laftchiev
N239Ha Tran, Thuc Le, Jiuyong Li, Lin Liu, Jixue Liu, Yanchang Zhao, and Tony Waters, Intervention Recommendation for Improving Disability Employment
Author Email(s):,,,,
Contact Person: Ha Tran
N240Olivera Kotevska, Jeffrey Munk, Kuldeep Kurte, Yan Du, Kadir Amasyali, Robert Smith, and Helia Zandi, Methodology for Interpretable Reinforcement Learning Model for HVAC Energy Control
Author Email(s):,,,,,,
Contact Person: Olivera Kotevska
N242Nathaniel Huber-Fliflet, Jianping Zhang, and Haozhen Zhao, CNN Application in Detection of Privileged Documents in Legal Document Review
Author Email(s):,,
Contact Person: Haozhen Zhao
N243Sayan Chakraborty, Smit Shah, Kiumars Soltani, Anna Swigart, Luyao Yang, and Kyle Buckingham, Building an Automated and Self-Aware Anomaly Detection System
Author Email(s):,,,,,
Contact Person: Sayan Chakraborty
N247Bhanukiran Vinzamuri, Elham Khabiri, Anuradha Bhamidipaty, Gregory Mckim, and Biren Gandhi, An End-to-End Context Aware Anomaly Detection System
Author Email(s):,,,,
Contact Person: Bhanukiran Vinzamuri
N248Ramji Chandrasekaran, Harsh Nilesh Pathak, and Tae Yano, Deep Neural Query Understanding System at Expedia Group
Author Email(s):,,
Contact Person: Ramji Chandrasekaran
N249Yuya Ong, Mu Qiao, and Divyesh Jadav, Temporal Tensor Transformation Network for Multivariate Time Series Prediction
Author Email(s):,,
Contact Person: Yuya Ong
N250Jason Wang, Kaiqun Fu, and Chang-Tien Lu, SOSNet: A Graph Convolutional Network Approach to Fine-Grained Cyberbullying Detection
Author Email(s):,,
Contact Person: Jason Wang
N251Nianjun Zhou, Dhaval Patel, Arun Iyengar, Shrey Shrivastava, and Anuradha Bhamidipaty, A Verifiable Imputation Analysis for Univariate Time Series and Enabling Package
Author Email(s):,,,,
Contact Person: Nianjun Zhou
N256Hamdi Ben Hamadou, Torben Bach Pedersen, and Christian Thomsen, The Danish National Energy Data Lake: Requirements, Technical Architecture, and Tool Selection
Author Email(s):,,
Contact Person: Hamdi Ben Hamadou
N258Amelia White, Chris Jenness, Jason Kaufman, Roger Cost, Wickus Martin, Justin Moynihan, Patrick McCarthy, and Melinda Han Williams, Privacy-Friendly ID-Free Digital Ad Targeting using URL Embeddings
Author Email(s):,,,,,,,
Contact Person: Amelia White

Industry & Government Short Papers

Paper IDShort Papers
N206 (Abs.)Yin-Chen Liu and BaekGyu Kim, V-WorkGen: Virtual Workload Generation Tool for Connected Automotive Services
Author Email(s):,
Contact Person: BaekGyu Kim
N218 (Abs.)Dhaval Patel, Shrey Shrivastava, Wesley Gifford, Stuart Siegel, and Jayant Kalagnanam, Smart-ML: A System for Machine Learning Model Exploration using Pipeline Graph
Author Email(s):,,,,
Contact Person: Dhaval Patel
N219 (Abs.)Dhaval Patel, Nianjun Zhou, Shrey Shrivastava, and Jayant Kalagnanam, Doctor for Machines: A Failure Pattern Analysis Solution for Industry 4.0
Author Email(s):,,,
Contact Person: Dhaval Patel
N232 (Abs.)Chianing (Johnny) wang and BaekGyu Kim, Automotive Big Data Pipeline: Disaggregated Hyper-Converged Infrastructure vs Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
Author Email(s):,
Contact Person: Chianing (Johnny) wang
N253 (Abs.)Dhaval Patel, Syed Yousaf Shah, Nianjun Zhou, Shrey Shrivastava, Arun Iyengar, Anuradha Bhamidipaty, and Jayant Kalagnanam, FLOps: On Learning Important Time Series Features for Real-Valued Prediction
Author Email(s):,,,,,,
Contact Person: Dhaval Patel
N254 (Abs.)Shrey Shrivastava, Dhaval Patel, Nianjun Zhou, Aruni Iyengar, and Anuradha Bhamidipaty, DQLearn: A Toolkit for Structured Data Quality Learning
Author Email(s):,,,,
Contact Person: Shrey Shrivastava