IEEE Big Data 2022 Workshops

  1. Computational Archival Science: digital records in the age of big data
    Mark Hedges
    Contact email: Mark Hedges
  2. Workshop on Cyber Threat Intelligence and Hunting (CyberHunt 2022)
    Vasileios Mavroeidis and Mateusz Zych
    Contact email: Vasileios Mavroeidis
  3. 8th International Workshop on Methods to Improve Big Data Science Projects (MIDP-2022)
    Jeffrey Saltz
    Contact email: Jeffrey Saltz
  4. Scalable Cloud Data Management
    Felix Gessert, Wolfram Wingerath, Benjamin Wollmer, and Norbert Ritter
    Contact email: Benjamin Wollmer
  5. Workshop on Big Data Analytic in Healthcare
    Alex Kuo and Elizabeth Borycki
    Contact email: Alex Kuo
  6. Big Data Engineering and Analytics in Cyber-Physical Systems” (BigEACPS'22)
    Akbar Namin
    Contact email: Akbar Namin
  7. The 6th Workshop on Graph Techniques for Adversarial Activity Analytics (GTA3 2022)
    Jiejun Xu and Hanghang Tong
    Contact email: Jiejun Xu
  8. 5th Workshop on Big Data for CyberSecurity (BigCyber-2022)
    Sudip Mittal, Karuna Joshi, and Rajeev Agrawal
    Contact email: Sudip Mittal
  9. The 6th International Workshop on Big Data Analytic for Cybercrime Investigation and Prevention
    Andrii Shalaginov, Asif Iqbal, Igor Kotsiuba, and Mamoun Alazab
    Contact email: Andrii Shalaginov
  10. The 2nd International Workshop on Multi-Modal Medical Data Analysis
    Bo Zhang, Wendong Wang, Xiuzhuang Zhou, Zhenxiang Gao, Zheng Song, Zheng Zhang, Lingjun Zhang, and Wu Liu
    Contact email: Bo Zhang
  11. The 3rd International Workshop on Big Data Reduction (IWBDR-3)
    Dingwen Tao, Xin Liang, and Sheng Di
    Contact email: Dingwen Tao
  12. 10th International Workshop on Distributed Storage and Blockchain Technologies for Big Data
    Sudip Hui Li and Han Wang
    Contact email: Han Wang
  13. New Strands of Usage of Big Data in Medical Systems, Market and Institutional Design, and Economic Theory
    Naoki Watanabe
    Contact email: Naoki Watanabe
  14. The Sixth Annual Workshop on Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Industry
    Jianping Zhang, Nathaniel Huber-Fliflet, and Haozhen Zhao
    Contact email: Haozhen Zhao
  15. 7th Workshop on Real-time Stream Analytics, Stream Mining, CER/CEP & Stream Data Management in Big Data
    Sabri Skhiri, Albert Bifet, and Alessandro Margara
    Contact email: Sabri Skhiri
  16. The 4th International Workshop on Big Data Tools, Methods, and Use Cases for Innovative Scientific Discovery (BTSD)
    Sangkeun Lee and Jong Youl Choi
    Contact email: Sangkeun Lee
  17. The 6th IEEE International Workshop on Big Data for Financial News and Data
    Quanzhi Li
    Contact email: Quanzhi Li
  18. 2nd Workshop on Multimodal Big Data
    Duoduo Liao
    Contact email: Duoduo Liao
  19. Second Workshop on Knowledge Graphs and Big Data
    Yuan An, Jane Greenberg, Alex Kalinowski, and Yuan Ling
    Contact email: Yuan An
  20. The 6th Workshop on Benchmarking, Performance Tuning and Optimization for Big Data Applications (BPOD)
    Zhiyuan Chen, Jianwu Wang, Feng Chen, and Junqi Yin
    Contact email: Zhiyuan Chen
  21. Applications of Big Data Technology in the Transport Industry
    John Easton
    Contact email: John Easton
  22. 7th Workshop on Advances in High Dimensional (AdHD) Big Data
    Aristidis Vrahatis, Sotiris Tasoulis, Vassilis Plagianakos, and Nicos Pavlidis
    Contact email: Aristidis Vrahatis
  23. 3rd International Workshop on User Understanding from Big Data
    Claire Ding and Wutao Wei
    Contact email: Claire Ding
  24. 6th Workshop on Human-in-the-loop Methods and Future of Work in BigData (HMData)
    Senjuti Basu Roy, Alex Quinn, and Atsuyuki Morishima
    Contact email: Atsuyuki Morishima
  25. Big Food, Nutrition and Environment Data Management and Analysis
    Barbara Korousic Seljak, Tome Eftimov, Sarah Berry, Gjorgjina Cenikj, Gordana Ispirova, Vladimir Kuzmanovski, Giulia Menichetti, Ana Nikolikj, and Eva Valencic
    Contact email: Barbara Korousic Seljak
  26. The Fifth Workshop on Big Data for Economic and Business Forecasting
    Wei Shang
    Contact email: Wei Shang
  27. The 5th International Workshop on Big Media Dataset Construction, Management and Applications
    Cheng Jin, Mingyu You, Chaoqun Hong, and Xiaoqin Zhang
    Contact email: Cheng Jin
  28. The 9th Annual Workshop on Big Data Analytic Technology for Bioinformatics and Health Informatics (KDDBHI)
    Donghui Wu and Xin Deng
    Contact email: Donghui Wu
  29. 6th International Workshop on Big Data Analytics for Cyber Intelligence and Defense (BDA4CID 2022)
    Stephen McGough, Amir Atapour Abarghouei, and David Wall
    Contact email: Stephen McGough
  30. 1st International Workshop on Big Data Analytics for Health and Medicine (BDA4HM 2022)
    Stephen McGough, Amir Atapour Abarghouei, and Matthew Forshaw
    Contact email: Stephen McGough
  31. 2nd International Workshop on Big Data Analytics for Sustainability (BDA4S 2021)
    Stephen McGough, Matthew Forshaw, Gavin Shaddick, and Hao Dong
    Contact email: Stephen McGough
  32. Fifth International Workshop on the Internet of Things Data Analytics (IoTDA)
    Eyhab Al-Masri
    Contact email: Eyhab Al-Masri
  33. Ninth International Workshop on High Performance Big Graph Data Management, Analysis, and Mining (BigGraphs 2022)
    Nesreen Ahmed, Shaikh Arifuzzaman, Mohammad Al Hasan, and Kamesh Madduri
    Contact email: Kamesh Madduri
  34. Second International Workshop on Data science for equality, inclusion and well-being challenges (DS4EIW 2022)
    Tania Cerquitelli, Genoveva Vargas-Solar, Arianna Montorsi, and Claudia De Giorgi
    Contact email: Tania Cerquitelli
  35. IEEE BigData 2022 Workshop on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in IT Operations (BigData-IT)
    Yu Deng, Meng Jiang, Berthold Reinwald, and ChengXiang Zhai
    Contact email: Yu Deng
  36. Big Data Analytics for Humanitarian Crises
    Thilanka Munasinghe, Jim Hendler, Brian Callahan, Rick Plotka, Oshani Seneviratne, and Kathy Fontaine
    Contact email: Thilanka Munasinghe
  37. Digital twins for accelerated discovery of climate and sustainability solutions
    Levente Klein, Conrad Albrecht, Michiaki Tasubori, Wallace Gusmão Ferreira, Kyongmin Yeo, Bianca Zadrozny, Alberto Noguera Junior, and Fearghal O'Donncha
    Contact email: Levente Klein
  38. International Workshop on Data-Driven Insights for Interdependent Smart City Applications
    Andy Berres, Jibonananda Sanyal, and Haowen Xu
    Contact email: Andy Berres
  39. Advanced Descriptive Pattern Mining (ADPM) Workshop
    Ryan Benton, Jennifer Lavergne, and Tom Johnsten
    Contact email: Ryan Benton
  40. The 7th IEEE International Workshop on Big Spatial Data (BSD 2022)
    Farnoush Banaei-kashani, Chengyang Zhang, Abdeltawab Hendawi, and Ashwin Shashidharan
    Contact email: Ashwin Shashidharan
  41. The First International Workshop on Neural Network Models for Brain Connectome Analysis (BrainNN2022)
    Carl Yang, Xiaoxiao Li, and Qingyu Zhao
    Contact email: Carl Yang
  42. 1st International Workshop on Responsible AI and Data Ethics (RAIDE 2022)
    Jonathan Broadman and Ying Xie
    Contact email: Ying Xie
  43. 1st Workshop on Urban Digital Twins for Intelligent Road Inspection (UDTIRI)
    Rui Fan, Mohammud Junaid Bocus, Wenshuo Wang, Yu Jiang, Yanting Zhang, and Qijun Chen
    Contact email: Rui Fan
  44. Creating Big Data for morals, ethics, and values in natural language in an automatically inferrable format
    Keisuke NAKAMURA
    Contact email: Keisuke NAKAMURA