Visa Application to Japan

Starting from Oct 11. Japan will allow entry of visa-free for tourists and visitors, our conference participants of many countries don’t need to apply for visa to Japan to participate the IEEE bigdata 2022 conference.

For participants from those countries which require visa to enter Japan for the IEEE BigData 2022, IEEE BigData 2022 has hired a local Japanese company to assist participants to get visa to enter Japan for the IEEE BigData 2022 conference.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, Japan currently imposes entry restrictions on new entries. Therefore, the local committee of IEEE BigData 2022 will only accept applications from people who are not required to quarantine upon entry into Japan. Please check the following website to check if you are required to quarantine:

*For the countries not included in blue on the above website, a Vaccine Certificate for Quarantine is required. Please read the instructions carefully to ensure that you prepare a valid Vaccine Certificate.

*All entrants to Japan are also required to present a COVID-19 Negative Test Result Certificate, which must be furnished 72 hours prior to departure from their home country.

Visa Application Procedure

  1. Register the conference online and pay the registration fee in full and then email the registration receipt (if you pay the registration via wire tranfer, we won’t process your visa request until the registration fee is received by IEEE
  2. If you need an invitation letter with the signature of Prof. Tsumoto (general chair), please also ask with the registration receipt.
On behalf of the local committee of IEEE BigData 2022, the Japan Travel Bureau (JTB) will prepare the documents required for the visa application. Please follow these steps to get your visa:
  1. Participants contact JTB to request for VISA_Questionnare Form to attend the 2022 IEEE International Confernece on Big Data (IEEE BigData 2022) to be held in Osaka, Japan
  2. The Participants email the VISA_Questionnare form back to JTB
  3. Based on the information in ① VISA_Questionnare, JTB make a registration to ERFS(Entrants, Retumees Follow-up System) and make a visa application form.
    ② Invitation Letter
    ③ Letter of Guarantee
    ④ Schedule of Stay Itinerary
    After the registration to ERFS, ⑤ Certificate for Completion of Registration to the ERFS system will be issued. Note: JTB will charge 18,000JPY for participants.
  4. When all documents are ready, JTB will sent ②③④⑤ to participants.
  5. Participants should bring ②③④⑤ to Japan consulate or embassy in their country and apply for visa to Japan.

We will accept visa requirements from early September 2022.
If you have question, please contact

Visas are usually processed in about two weeks from the date of application. However, this processing time will vary depending on the country, region, and other circumstances. We thus recommend that you complete your visa application as soon as possible.