IEEE Big Data 2015 Workshops

1.  Big Data and the Humanities
Mark Hedges

2.  Stock Market Analysis using Big Data and R
Deepak Mane

3.  Workshop on Scalable Cloud Data Management
Felix Gessert, Prof. Norbert Ritter

4.  3rd International Workshop on Distributed Storage Systems and Coding for Big Data
Bing Zhu

5.  Human‐Centered Big Data Research
Chris Argenta, Alex Endert, and Celeste Lyn Paul

6.  2nd International Workshop on High Performance Big Graph Data Management, Analysis,and Mining (BigGraph 2015)
Fengguang Song

7.  2nd International Workshop on Privacy and Security of Big Data
Alfredo Cuzzocrea,

8.  Big Data in the Geosciences
Tom Narock, Marshall Ma, and Peter Baumann

9.  IEEE Big Data Methodologies And Tools to Improve big data projects
Jeffrey S Saltz

10.  IEEE Workshop on Big data Analytics in Manufacturing and Supply Chains
Zhang NengSheng

11.  Data and Computational Science Technologies for Earth Science Research
Crichton, Daniel J

12.  BigData in Translational Biomedical Informatics
Qian Zhu

13.  Advances in high dimensional big data
Sotiris Tasoulis

14.  Mining Big Data in Social Networks
Jian Pei

15.  First Workshop on Data-Centric Infrastructure for BigData Science
Claris Castillo

16.  Workshop on Big Data in Social Simulations (BDSS)
Sandeep Gupta

17.  2nd Workshop on Advances in software and hardware for big data to knowledge discovery (ASH)
Weijia Xu

18.  Big Data for Business-to-Business Marketing and Sales
lei Tang

19.  First International Workshop on Elasticity Engineering for Big Data Analytics
Hong-Linh Truong

20.  Mining Big Data to Improve Clinical Effectiveness
Talbert, Doug

21.  Data Quality Issues in Big Data
Gudivada, Venkat

22.  Deriving Value from Big Data in Healthcare
Vahid Taslimi

23.  Big Data for sustainable development
Aki-Hiro Sato

24.  Workshop on Variety of Big Data in Motion (BigVim)
Edward Curry ,  Souleiman Hasan

25.  Introducing the NSF Big Data (BD) Regional Innovation Hubs
Ashok Krishnamurthy

26.  Second Hands-On Workshop on Leveraging High Performance Computing Resources for Managing Large Datasets
Ritu Arora

27.  1st Workshop on ITxOT Analytics
Umesh Dayal

28.  Big Data for Advanced Manufacturing
Ghosh Rumi